Ebay will lie, manipulate or do whatever it takes to please the big money sellers.

I am a preferred buyer now & two of my negs were removed from the same seller.

Call me paranoid, but it sure sounds like this guy has a way of removing negative ratings outside the normal ebay process. Unlike in the above description of the removal process, ebay never contacted me. That too was totally gone — along with all the other low rated reviews. New buyer of course with a whole 9 feedback.In the middle of disputing this negative feedback an ebay iliterate buyer left me.

I guess a new buyer doesnt know the rules. The seller has tens of thousands of transactions to their name.

I put ‘case not included’ first in the title, then in item specifics and once again in the description. Any suggestions on a 80 character response?

Try contacting her again and ask for negative feedback removal.

Can this be used against him to remove the feedback. These two are conflicting situations as how can a person review a product as bad which he has not even received. His earlier replies were also a slightly abusive and psycho type.

I have contacted him so many times but he’s not responding. Your only option really is to contact buyer and offer him refund in exchange of feedback removal. The thing that has annoyed me is he didn’t even contact me and let me know. Fair enough, it happens from time to time.

I sent a very kind feedback request and the buyer denied. Only saying their product broke after a month which really makes this a product review and not a seller review. Just had 100% rating fall due to customer claiming product does not work after having it in their possession for over one month.

You don’t even know what happened there to this buyer – it could be that they won an auction and next day got hospitalized with heart attack.

I would never do that as why do you gain from it?

You should just do the un-paid item case, get your fees back and re-list the item.

I would love to see what answer the trading standards officer say.

I think it’s fair and hurling verbal abuse at me was fine too apparently. Customer bought a budget tablet with no brand, and they called this fake. But buyer can still leave you negative feedback. Are there any hidden situations like this that would allow for negative feedback to be removed?

It could be that they made a mistake though so hopefully buyer will change it first.

I had a buyer purchase an item this afternoon and then leave negative feedback the same evening saying it hadn’t arrived yet…!

Thank you for giving everyone great advice!

I have learned from reading your advice to never leave truthful feedback, or any feedback on a non paying bidder as they will likely retaliate and make your life a living hell like this witch did to me.

I called ebay again who escalated the case (it wasn’t due until 11/26 for escalation) and ruled today in my favor right then!

She admitted that the size was right and that no spots were there and that she just wants her money back because she feels she paid too much.

I don’t know if this will shut her up with her questioning the size, but then she stated it has gray spots that just magically appeared and that she just decided to mention.

I kept the tag which this abusive buyer didn’t realize. The fact that the tag had been cut was part of the listing. She’s doing whatever she can do to get out of this purchase and to keep up the communication. This girl who had an open non paying bidder case is causing nothing but problems!

I have refused her return, but on 11/26 she can escalate it.

I had no choice, but to reply since she’s now wanting a case opened. She never once mentioned any of this in her abusive messages to me. They removed her unjust negative feedback yesterday and advised me to no longer reply to her. If you have a phone number, give them a call.

I had a customer forget to update her address, i never got my parcel back and i issued a full refund and this resulted in a defect.

Doll Cot Kmart

It just proves that there are two sides of the coin and it’s not always buyers who mess up everything….

I really had hoped to protect others, but apparently have screwed myself.

I guess it doesn’t pay to be honest when it comes to feedback.

I asked the feedback questions honestly and now numerous sellers have blocked me from buying or bidding!!

I took pictures and won the cases, but it was all terribly upsetting. Darned if there wasn’t something wrong, with everything that they told me was fine.

I have a doll here with eyes painted on with white out and black marker, that i was told, had perfect face paint!!!

But you should of course try to resolve this with buyer – offer refund and ask them to revise the negative feedback, who knows, maybe they agree.

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I declined the return because to my mind it already too late for the buyer to request the return. My default return time frame is set to only 14 days.

I asked because it is second time buyer opens a return request much much later than it should be. By default, returns period is set to 14 days (only), unless you specific a different term in your returns policy?

I wonder how she was able to open a return?

I decline a return will buyer be able to leave negative feedback for me?

I just wonder if there are any return time frames on ebay to request return?

I am really disappointed about the new hassle free returns policy on ebay. This was all down to the fact the buyer never did a compatibility check on a part for their car. Maybe you can try contacting customer, offer a full refund in exchange of feedback revision?

But it’s very, very un-likely they’ll remove it.Here is the million dollar question is there any chance ebay would remove this feedback?

Customer purchased it and left negative feedback stating that the item was “not working and was only good for parts” will ebay remove a feedback in which something like this happens?

Infact there is a scam where the buyer simply returns the seller an empty box!

Paypal will simply decide you should return the article for a full refund…and they will refund you no matter what the seller thinks. After one week he came again, asking the other half. Then he came asking the half money to close the matter.

I always try to stay professional and be friendly, even with obvious scammers as tricking them can make things even worse. If the buyer lies in the feedback…take him to court. Even if it’s not, no one is obligated to contact you anyway, it would work just for few buyers. Then the seller will have enough detail to fight the negative feedback. To me a buyer needs to fill out a detailed form to give negative feedback with proof. Buyers cannot accept money for feedback revision. Also…act like the guy is your buddy…ask then for a feedback revision and you give him a partial refund in exchange for his feedback resolution…once he has revised it…you not obligated. Buyers that leave negatrive feedback to sellers with perfect or near perfect feedback must contact the seller before bidding. State that if the buyer has left negative feedback to sellers with 100% feedback need to contact you before they bid. But you have to give ebay a good reason to get the feedback removed. Negative feedback saying “bad experience”. Thursday he contacts me to say he wants a refund as he doesn’t want to wait. Ebay have commend immensely on my longevity and trust worthiness and commitment over many years, but still decide to come up with premature outcome, making absolutely no sense as to why they cannot remove the negative.I did get a call back from a manager with explanation about this. Should you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

We have no information to advise the parcel was damaged in any way when being delivered. If this issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may reopen it within the next 7 days. Below is a summary of your request and our response.

I then offered my mobile phone number; buyer wouldn’t give there’s; requested to the buyer to take photo(s) of the item shell and packaging delivered – refused; then absolutely no more messages from the buyer. The buyer made no initial contact prior to opening a returns request. Several messages later, baring in mind buyer only responded with two 10 word messages to my 8 or 9 messages, his response; ‘just send me back my money’?, and ‘you send me shell’. Anyways, problem is this; sold an item; posted the item on time; description perfect; buyer with (3) feedback points; only to receive an immediate returns request, with buyer’s explanation as only receiving a shell and not the complete stereo mixer console.

You need to offer to repair the item or provide a return label so i can send it back.

I purchased this item based on a description that was inaccurate. His bright idea was for my to try some naval jelly on a plastic item with metal parts. He only wants to talk by phone, he’s not available at the time he asked me to call and so on. The item arrived with large areas of rust and corrosion and clearly was not in like new condition. It was used and described as like new with no scratches or defects.

I don’t mind dealing with new sellers if they have good feedback history and reasonable policies.

You just agree to basically cancel the sale (give refund) in exchange of feedback removal. Just leave a comment for that feedback stating what went wrong. Anyway, 1 neg out of 3000 won’t kill your business.

EBay Negative Feedback Removal Explained andrewMinalto

Maybe you can work this out with the buyer directly?

Hopefully, when they do the appeal, they will read all communication. Any chance that ebay is going to remove this?

I remark that listing clearly says “test ride and viewings before buying please”. Then she says that cannot collect in a long time. So a buyer (1 star) ignoring those details in the description, buys the bike, and pays for it.

I just want to make sure they are totally happy with the bike before buying. As otherwise people don’t read descriptions fully and bike size is not good for them, or don’t like how the bike rides, etc. It’s interesting that there is an intelligent mind out there who makes personalised responses to each message. The ebay “report this buyer” feature is only used statistically and does not result in any action taken. Trouble is, this is of no use when people can tell pointless lies about late posting and get away with it. It all highlighted that out of 784 assessed transactions 8 of them had been reported by the buyers as late. They show you the new reporting system side by side with the current one.

I had a look at my dashboard today because ebay led me there, wanting to explain the new seller standards that are coming in. It all comes down to person you speak to so if you fail with first call, try calling them again and speak withs someone else. Sometimes they actually remove such feedbacks very easily, while sometimes they don’t. A seller could then decide whether to cancel a transaction if the buyer has a tendency to leave poor feedback. Negative feedback left by a buyer for a seller ought to be fully visible for a year on a buyer’s home page, same as it is on a seller’s page.

I don’t think that ebay’s stance to not remove negative feedback is good enough.

I did reply to the negative feedback left but people who are lazy (as this buyer seems) only look at the number.

I cannot leave negative feedback for this individual?

I feel what this buyer did was unethical/a violation of policy/unnecessary as well as wrong!!

The seller told me no, no issues, must be the lighting in the pic. The person would buy it, and then a couple of weeks later wanted to return the magazines after they finished reading them.

I have had a nightmare experience which fortunately ebay has been quite helpful in resolving.

I finally just ignored them but contacted ebay explaining the abuse.They then sent positive feedback from the original sale saying.

I would have gave her a refund as it was only worth £3. They should know the difference of review and feedback. Ebay should remove feedback like this and should prompt buyers to leave their view under product review if they dont like product. Now how is it fair descion for seller to leave negative feedback. Is the product different from picture or description?

I understand some may not like it but leaving a feedback without contacting seller is not fair. The product he bought is my best selling product and i have received many positive feedbacks for this product. If buyer does not like product that should go under product review.

I sent revision request and also apology letter offering him full refund but buyer does not respond. The buyer said ‘product is poor’ thats it. Someone should come up with a bad buyers list so as a seller you can block them from your listings.

Left negative comments about us being abusive and item not as described. Had my first ever negative feedback from a couple who bid on an item, won the item and the refused to buy it, then swore, shouted and finally threatened violence on my partner whilst she was holding one of our babies. There are plenty of carriers who will come and collect an item from you and send it on, usually cheaper than the post office.

I get mostly seller comments here but it’s obviously good to hear from buyers too. Clearly this is the last thing they really want. Why then bother to ask unhappy customers to contact them if there is a problem. Nowadays, the customer, it seems, is always wrong. It’s better for me that he doesn’t buy it, than that he buys it and then leaves negative feedback as vengeance. Stall your attempt to be sour, and still let you down nicely by telling you things you wanna hear. If it is no longer a fair trade, the gentleman way is to just accept the refund and walk away. A fair trade is when both the seller and the buyer agree on the price and value of the product.

I have had to bite the bullet a few times and it cost me more but it wasn’t the buyer’s fault, but my own.

You are getting a full refund so there is nothing to lose, get a life and move on. Seller has already charged double the shipping price and now expecting more. And you go and buy something else to leave another negative feedback?

I am amazed and don’t understand how one seller has the ability to do this twice.

I refused to pay the additional and was rather disappointed with the seller because the shipping charge was already rather high. Competition goes down, selection decreases and prices go up. People who act irrational and play dirty like this harm business in a big way – not only does it make an individual (me) think about walking away from ebay entirely, but it affects the overall ebay marketplace for everyone when people don’t play by the rules and practice common sense and common decency. Initially claimed to no longer possess item but when challenged that it showed item wasn’t even delivered yet, he proved he had it with a photo.First time ever with someone who couldn’t even bother to communicate in english (bite me crappy google translate, thank you my spanish speaking friends).

I used to buy into that idea but not nowadays when there are so many vindictive people, stupid people, brainwashed intolerant social justice warrior types, etc. This gives the seller the power to remove all negative feedbacks.

I went back and looked at this guys feedback and he leaves like 25 good and then 1 bad, 25 good and 1 bad. They told me to contact him and to send him a revision, all of which he’s ignored.

I hate this new “buyer is always right” policy they have. So after getting told no twice from ebay as the buyer was entitled to their opinion.However, we ‘pretend’ they are to protect our ratings. It is a form of extortion, plain and simple. And no, the customer is not always right. Ebay removed the dual feedback system years ago. If a buyer leaves negative feedback or lies, its nearly impossible to get it corrected.

I will say that 99% of my customers are really nice.

Anyone on ebay for a length of time can smell a bad buyer rising to the top. She did state that she ten read the description and it said the background was tan and if she had read the description she wouldn’t have purchased the item.

I did that after one lady wanted to return an item because she saw it as blue on her monitor. Regardless very detailed descriptions and pictures are a must. Well for crying out loud you should know if a 36″ belt will go around your waist. The person left me neutral feedback stating they didn’t fit her.

I always have a description that is down to the itty bitty detail and have plenty of pictures. However, if it was deliberate, the buyer will either stop the abuse or eventually be removed–especially if all seller’s took the time to report these offenses. Even if customers are being abusive–be polite, make returns an easy process, pay return shipping if you’re at fault–but report them still. If they retaliate when you don’t comply, it will be easier to have the feedback removed. It gives sellers more of a leg to stand on when contacting support to have feedback removed. Hopefully they will see through it and remove that feedback, if not feedback – at least review. With that said, it would be prudent to report the buyer immediately–as soon as any type of abuse occurs. Particularly mention that buyer has left same negative feedback for other sellers.

This buyer has left many, many negatives for sellers and usually uses the same comments. Is the negative in addition to the neutral even fair?

I had a growing 100% reputation, climbing to the top of my listings and donate a percentage of my listings to various charities. At no stage had the buyer contacted me about any issues of the product or the service.

I mentioned nothing about reviewing the feedback. He did not even have to send the item back. Called me a liar (even with proof of photos) and told me in essence, to shove it, and the case is closed in their eyes, and they aren’t helping me at all. There will always be bad sellers and buyers who take advantage of the system and get items for free.

You chose ebay because obviously you are too lazy, too broke, too controversial with your policies to operate a brick-and-mortar establishment.

I think that rings true for, well, a lot of transactions.

I contacted the seller woman immediately, and clearly expressed my dissapointment, along with accompanying pictures.

I literally sat at the window for the postman to come….<