You can give an astronaut a purple space suit, color a cow’s spots green, and so much more!

She’d really love to have one that’s way more colorful and exciting.

Could you give them all the perfect manicures in this online makeover game?

The editors have asked her to choose an outfit but she has no clue what to wear. Join her while she reminisces about her favorite clothes and hairstyles from her teen years, and some more modern looks as well, in this dress-up game for girls.

You can help her pick the fabric, the color, and even add some cool patches.Can you help this busy princess decide which drawings she’ll work on during her next class?

Help her create some custom-made dresses and other outfits for her customers in this game for girls.

You can join them while they decorate and furnish rooms, create cute outfits, and much more!

She would love to dress up just like a famous storybook villain in this online game. Can you help her create a truly wicked gown?

Which color would you like to try out first?

To double the fun, invite your best friends and you all play together.

You will be the only owners of this house and you are free to show your decoration skills. Now, people will be living here later so please choose something they will love to live in!

If you see other hobby items, please put those in there as well (in fact, this game has lot of ideas for fun activities!). The family that's moving in here would love to have the most unique house on the block, so don’t hold back from making unique choices!

You can choose the top part, sleeves, bottom skirt and belt/sash on your dress. Then customize the color and even pattern of every piece!

Love the drawing, but u kinda over did it…. In addition to this glamorous doll house, you also got plenty of decoration items for all the rooms. Go ahead and decorate the kitchen, living room, bathroom, hobby room and the master bedroom!

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