But sometimes, contact lenses can get in the way when you’re trying to apply eye makeup in the morning or for a night out. However, there are several steps you can take to make putting on eye makeup easy and fast, without disturbing your contact lenses.

Doll Eye Contacts Before After
Before you apply any makeup to your face or put your contacts in, it’s important that you clean your hands well with soap and water. This will ensure no bacteria gets into your eyes as you apply your makeup and touch your contact lenses. Use eye drops to keep your eyes from drying out. Often when you are applying eye makeup, you need to keep your eyes open for longer periods of time.This can cause your eyes to dry out or get irritated, especially if you are wearing contacts. Counteract any dryness by putting eye drops in your eyes before you put your contact lenses in. When buying eye drops to use with your contacts, be sure they they are safe to apply with contact lenses in. Use re-wetting drops or preservative free artificial tears. Clean your contacts and then put them in. Always put your contacts in before you apply any eye makeup.

This will ensure you can see properly as you put on your makeup. It will keep your eye makeup in place, especially eye shadow. Cream eye shadows are more compact than powder shadows, so they are less likely to get into your eyes when you apply them.

You can also hold a tissue under your eye as you apply the powder shadow to catch any excess powder and prevent it from getting into your eyes. Many makeup tutorials will tell you to apply eyeliner on your inner eyelid, or on the waterline under your eyelashes. But if you wear contact lenses, doing this will put the product right on the lens and close enough to possibly get into your eye. While it may be tempting to go for “lash-extending” mascara, these products can product micro-flakes that may get into your eyes and irritate your contacts. Waterproof mascara should be avoided, as it cannot be rinsed out easily with water and can stain your contact lenses. Glide the mascara brush lightly against your lashes and do not pump the mascara to get more product on the brush, as this lets in air and debris into the mascara. Try not to leave any clumps on your lashes, which can flake off and get into your eyes. They are not recommended for people who wear contact lenses. Look for makeup that is safe for contact lens wearers. About two thirds of the contact lens population are women, so many cosmetic companies are responding to the demand by creating products that are contact lens friendly. This way, you will start the day with a fresh, make up free pair of lenses every day. Talk to your ophthalmologist about daily contact lenses. Replace your eye makeup every three months. Though your cosmetics may seem like they can last forever, they do have expiration dates. Consequently, the effect given by the coloured contact lenses may vary depending on the natural colour of your iris.

I have read that it’s always best to put your lenses in before applying makeup. It sounds like you are adapting quite well. So, if you attempt to rinse the makeup off and then touch your contact lenses, there is a great chance that some of that cream or liquid will get on your lenses. When you have makeup on, you run the risk of transferring mascara, eye shadow, or eye liner to your lens and then your eye. Have you ever accidentally gotten a glob of makeup stuck in your eye?

Chances are, if you are waiting hours after your initial make-up application to stick the lenses in, your hands may have been washed enough times to get all the oils and other cosmetic particles off.

Then, simply be careful around your eyes.