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Full-sized patterns are included for each doll along with a full color photograph of the completed doll. The book also includes clothing patterns. She creates each pattern as the doll springs to life in her head. Jennifer provides tips and techniques to hand paint a 3d effect on your dolls face as well as assembly tips.Jonni's patterns, recipes and instructions make it easy. The patterns are hand-drawn (without clear stitching instructions) and the verbal instructions lack illustrations.

I would recommend this book to the more experienced doll-maker who can let their imagination soar.

I think it could have been drawn better, it may be good for you but not for me, sorry!

Books with supplemental accessories are not guarenteed!

Every detail of the beautiful dolls is shown up close with general commentary on how they were put together.

Collage Fun 1 Collage Paper Doll Art Journal Page

Using the wet on wet media technique from the markmaking series, we wil be adding some collage in the form of a paper doll to ...

The completed dolls were then sent on a 19-month journey from artist to artist and their travels were recorded in art journals that are also splendidly displayed in the pages of the book.

We keep going back to our 20 individual copies to reread and be inspired. So, if you'd like to wander into the creative fray of an art experiment- this book is for you. Product as was described, arrived on time, great service!

This is not so much of a how to do book but this much to be learned here if you look for it. This is one art book you will never regret buying.

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Ida Magazine Tutorial International Doll Artists Magazine Ooak Art Dolls

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