You will feel very good when you touch the baby doll. The lips of the baby doll seem warm and humid.

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Color after special treatment, so it will not fade. This baby is 100% handmade craftwork with hand painting. She will get a bigger baby in a year or so. It is cheaply made my granddaughter was very disappointed.You need to pay close attention to how you take care of your baby’s hair, but you don’t have to do too much to it. Always keep in mind that your baby’s tender, soft scalp is still in the early stages of development. But make she you rinse it completely and don’t get it in her face or eyes. The extra virgin coconut oil you cook and can eat is what she is talking about. My baby boy started losing his hair in the back around 6 months.

I would recommend olive oil to anyone who wants there baby to have healthy hair and don’t have to wait months and months for it.

We Found A Vintage Baby Alive Doll Crib Life Surprise In The Walmart Clearance Section!

We Found a Vintage Baby Alive Doll Crib Life Surprise in the Walmart Clearance Section!

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U will find it in the cooking oil section. She has had the same little afro for months now. That tough hard spot in the back is not our friend so we treat it nice anyway lol. Its consistentcy is a little thicker than baby oil. It was gently massaged on their scalps and gently washed out with baby shampoo. Their acne and cradle cap began to disappear within a few days.

I continued this process for the 2 weeks as prescribed. Her hair around her temples is gone from where the cradle cap was causing her hair to come out and in the back she has huge bald spot from where she rubs her head on objects in an attempt to scratch it. Its very fragile and fine in the front, but dry and almost matted looking in the back above the bald spot. Put the oil in his hair and leave for a whole day before washing. Then gently rub out the flakes with ur fingers and wash out. My family has used this for years and have long growing hair. My daughter who is 1 month old is reaping the benefits…her hair is growing like crazy.

I believe in use what works for the baby. This worked for all my children as well as myself and it’s great!

Now that she’s six months, her hair is very thick, curly, bushy and soft.

I wash her hair once a week with a gentle shampoo. Not sure if you noticed, but a lot of babies have that bald spot back there because its not properly taken care of. That area of my daughter’s hair is a little drier than the rest. The conditioner is also a detangler, so it’s perfect. It leaves her hair very soft vs shampoo alone. On the days that her hair isn’t braided (which is most of the time), part of her nightly routine before she sleeps is putting some water/ shea butter throughout her head.

I also apply some directly on the back/middle part of her head/scalp. Doing this throughout the week keeps her hair soft.

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When its time for a wash/condition/comb, she’s never in pain because of the routine throughout the week.

I use the water/shea before she gets dressed so her hair wont be damp when we leave the house.

I have been looking for information to help me care for my baby’s hair since she was born!

Two of the screws just fall right out of the highchair as the pre-drilled holes are either too large or the screws too small. Also, the high chair arrived with a knick out of the wood in the back, very visible, even though the packaging was in good condition. She has stated that she has had breast implants and that the rest of her body thanks to gym workouts and her diet is completely natural and slender. Her photo-shoots usually try to emphasis her wearing little clothes that show as much as possible of her unreal doll-like figure. Many will think this is unread but she swears on her life that apart from a breast augmentation all of her body is a result of simple nature and lucky genetic. Lukyanova had a thing for little doll toys from early age, probably one reason why she herself decided to go in such a direction later in life. Due achieve her body type she is a strict vegetarian, living on a liquid diet. Also she announced that she will attempt to live exclusively on air and light for an unspecified time. Please disable your ad-blocking software or white-list our website.

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