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It was a bit difficult to install because of the way it sits. The dolls feet have to go underneath the bike seat in order to fit. Therefore, while installing the seat, it doesn’t go as you would think, making it a bit difficult. It does have a strap and baby does stay in during the ride.

I have a five year old and she can easily get the doll in and out.

How To Make A Doll Bicycle Doll Crafts click the link to make this fabsome craft today!

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She loved that she was able to decorate it herself too. As a bonus the bungee is hidden under the bike seat, and wraps around the bracket for this doll seat. A well placed, and tightly installed bungee cord has fixed the weight/droop issue. Install was okay, kind of a pain as the supplied hardware is metric, but overall not bad. Be aware, if the baby that is put into this has any kind of weight, it will droop quite a bit. She had been asking for a bike with a doll seat, but we didn't like any of the styles. So we bought this and the bike separately. It's really lightweight and the seat would drag on her tire. Most of the time she would still ride carrying the doll.

We decorated it with the stickers - super cute!

The point of attachment for the seat to the bike is the main problem. The brace on the doll seat is very sturdy metal - kind of thick - and it doesn't bend well to adjust.

I was worried it wasn't going to work due to my 8 year old's bike having a back hand brake. Here are some pointers on how to make the seat work when a bike has a back hand brake.

I did not use the bracket bolt that came with the seat.

I simply secured the seat with the bolt system that is used for the hand brake. No longer do you have to leave your doll at home. Take your doll along on a fun-filled afternoon bike ride around the neighborhood. Also includes seat belt so your doll can be just as safe as you. With its dedicated quality concentrated attitude and futuristic approach nova has launched more than 56 models of bicycle to cater every segment of bicycle lovers. This cycle is having everything what we need for a all terrain cycle. Because in today’s world there is no substitution for innovation. Great tyres, surprised how it goes on tar, fast rolling!

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Baby Born Play & Fun Bike Baby Doll Bike Ride (And Fell Over)

Let's Play Baby Dolls Bike Ride, and she unfortunately fell over twice!

Feature Baby Born Play & Fun Bike set from Zaft Creation ...

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