Folkore and popular culture often imagine them as corrupting influencers, whispering in our ears to do evil. But does this make sense in regards to their day jobs, to punish the wicked?

Perhaps he’s an industrious devil who has a quota to fill and enjoys being busy. There’s no shortage of truly vile villains today who very, very badly need to be punished. Or how about just stopped, before we reach an extinction event?

I hope our long-suffering devils can catch a break and enjoy some tunes too.Metal has lost much of it’s threatening aura over the years when most musicians in the genre were revealed as simply hairy, tattooed cuddlebears who like cats and tea as much as your favorite auntie. However it remains an excellent vehicle to express rage, apocalyptic dread and cosmic horror. Some of the most devastating, anguished music this year were in the folk, art pop and industrial genres. Some of the most beautiful was guitar music.

I just dabble in, so take that into consideration. Help bring some balance to the overload of toxicity we’re experiencing right now.
This is a quick book summary and analysis of Doll Bones by Holly Black. Facebook Page ...

It’s a short, scrappy album that slayed me. However therapeutic negative criticism can be at times, it seems to create a bundle of negative energy that can explode in our faces. If you like those bands, stay tuned for a post-punk list that will blow your mind. And it pains me to see how utterly bland and boring they’ve become. Perhaps it’s because this is the band’s sixth double album?

So it’s no small accomplishment that the band created arguably their best work this far into their career. While the band has covered a pretty wide scope of sounds ranging from indie/noise/avant rock, symphonic jazz and even country, this one is relatively focused on the psych prog hard rock hybrid they’ve done so well in fine-tuning off and on the last 20 years. For me it hits that sweet spot of complexity, melody and simply engrossing music that takes me to another place. This trio are arguably the best traditional heavy metal albums of the 2010s. This outstanding album deserves to transcend a limit genre audience. Thankfully after a long, long five year wait, they’re back and nearly as great.

I could watch their extensive videos on loop. But mostly it’s all about horror and dread, because we likely deserve our doom. This will most likely be playing when the power goes out. On their sixth album they revisit that era, but with a fresh, modern take in one of the most endlessly listenable albums of the year. Vager shares some of her story in being independent at a young age and dealing with coming out as a transgender in this interview. Is it the bad pun of the name that put people off?

The fusion of dark, brooding post-punk and psych?

It’s probably a combination of those factors, and they aren’t touring. Either way, fans of the label’s other bands are missing out big time by ignoring them. Their fourth album is the payoff of this transition, a gorgeous piece of psych and prog pop. Amplifier be ruling the earth, occasionally plopping down on stadiums and festivals to snack on the adoration of millions?

You can look them up with the lists feature here to see all of them, just choose 2017 and genre from the drop-down. Not only did they put out five good albums, they also toured the world.

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I just look forward to them just focusing on making a single kick-ass album at some point. How peaceful and appealing it seems right now with all the shit we’re dealing with (or rather, not dealing with at all) on our planet. And what colorful personas to match the striking album art. It’s not even worth trying for anyone to match that. Over the years they’ve developed some impressive improvsational chops suggestive of free jazz, while still maintaining a healthy level of caveman fuzz. Fuzz has two great releases that have quickly grown on me and have creeped up my lists like mutant kudzu vines.

I have 15 in my list, and there’s probably several more.

I a just a sucker for that hybrid, or are they simply awesome?

The new album is their most prickly, dark and at times difficult work yet, but definitely worth the effort to dig into. This time they present more accessible chunks of 5 to 10 minutes, a great entry point to this wonderful, eccentric band. Bloom (2015), and their latest has just the right amount of rough textures and chunky riffs to balance out the pretty pristine vocals.

Doll Bones Book Summary

I obviously like to use a wide range of sub-genre names, but they’re pretty fluid, and it’s pointless to get too precious about how they’re used. A double album would have garnered them more attention, and it seems that not everyone who got the first one bothered with the second.

I group them together because both are essential. The collaborations seem to have enriched their approach to their own music, resulting in their best album yet. A bit jagged and prickly at times, but fascinating.

I like this way better than any of the albums this year from their other band. It’s basically nasty garage and hard rock with depraved lyrics. Sunbound is their fourth album, with all the others worth checking out if you like this.

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Protomartyr have been winning over fans and critics seemingly exponentially the past couple years. Their existential angst is balanced by pretty sophisticated, adult lyrics framed with dark, gnarly arrangements that sound like no one else. Clearly there’s many others deserving of a listen. They’ll have one more this month for a total of eight, and they’re all killer. Not to mention this is truly underground music, with pretty much zero promise for wealth and fame, so they’re driven by pure passion. Growing up it was an economically depressed post-industrial hellhole with nothing going on for music. At the time, it sounded like his one-man side project was just a fun little lark for him. Pallbearer have been doing quite nicely, growing their audience and getting a ton of positive critical attention. Whatever they’re doing right, other bands are likely keenly watching them like a hawk. Well, this year, maybe 5%, as it is good music to channel rage with. Not a prolific band, they make their statements count.They started out playing psychedelic post-punk in 1981 and evolved toward jangly dream pop, which hit gold in the late 80s. This is their 25th album, and sounds as iridescent as they did at their commercial peak. Why have they made so many (20 so far) year-end lists, while so many more deserving artists are ignored?

I can’t pretend to have a clue as to what’s best. There’s such a huge creative potential still. This is not a luddite reactionary nonsense, it’s a human thing.

It’s easier to feel a visceral emotional response to music that you can physically connect to. Operating in a sort of vacuum can be alluring in a certain floating in frozen space way, but there’s a danger of a critical vacuum.

We were gifted with one last posthumous album that’s nearly as great as her peak work. This album is about that, and touches on the tricky, complex topic of gentrification.

I can’t believe the community uses that, but rejects my proposed psych noir tag. But listening to it all at once is a revelation, rough recordings of a band that was already transcending their local post-hardcore punk scene, shining like jewel. This nice hardcover book style set might convert a few more acolytes. To mention that, yet give no indication if those will ever be reissued, is perverse.

I guess that’s one expects from the world’s most semi-competent band. Don’t miss this if you’re a fan, it’s possibly their second best album. Elder just remastered their first two albums, and added some demos to the debut. It’s actually a regular album release, not a singles compilation. Hopefully another band from home can piggyback next time.It’s still early days in her marriage, but the first episode subtly shows her pushing against the limitated intellectual stimulation her role in life requires. Her yutz of a husband has delusions of grandeur that he’ll be a great comedian, even though he plagiarizes his bits. More seasons could definitely put this in the running for best. Not that it would appeal to anyone but diehard prog fans. The sole purpose of the book is apparently to deflate the reverent images people hold for most of these rockstars and reveal their true baffoonish nature. This process was aided, typically, by a truckload of drugs and alcohol. It’s amazing how people regularly got away with beating someone so badly they need to be hospitalized, and were seemingly never arrested or paid any consequences. And occasionally there’s a rare candid moment where someone shows a glimmer of humanity. It can be a slippery slope if you start justifying four figure purchases because plenty of other working and middle class folks spend comparable amounts of money on hobbies such as cars, ski trips, and uh, whatever normal people do.

I do my best to keep a healthy balance of getting the best sound for a reasonable amount of money. Apparently they got excited about a fancy display case that comes with it. Repeat.” mantra that makes him one of the busiest guys in the business. An honest and satisfying must-read for anyone battling endometriosis or infertility. Bobby's head about what he was going through/feeling at certain times of his life.. It made me want to just give him a huge hug. If you have never had the addiction struggles in your family as he had in his, it gives you an inside look at how addiction affects every single person you are around; it is not just the addicts problem. Here is an imperfect guy writing about his imperfect life. He helps people -- because of where he came from. Listening to his show quite possibly saved my life as it was a solitary ray of sunshine in the darkest storm of my life. He has endured a lot of terrible things and hearing him choose joy, to persevere, and to keep pushing to not only make his life better but the lives of those around him better, inspires me daily. His story isn't eloquently written nor sophisticated, and it isn't incredibly cerebral or complicated in its telling either. But it is very raw, real, motivating, and honest. He is vulnerable in telling his story and it's obvious that he is telling it to not only show the reader that they aren't alone out there, but he's telling it so he won't feel alone in his journey through life. Our whole life had been uprooted so she could have a chance at a future and we were all pretty homesick with no friends or family nearby.