Is this book appropriate for a 6th grader to read?

Tithe contains the situations that most teenagers would come across in normal high school life, except for the faeries of course.

She is a member of the fairy world of the human world and she can’t figure out which one is which. Kaye, though, is a really unlikable lead. Unfortunately or not, it's a way of life nowadays -- teenagers are naturally curious. It's like a combination of trippy and poetic.I just keep reading every sentence she writes and loving them. All-in-all, though, a great story for older, more mature audiences. It seems that all they do is get stoned, drink, rave, oh and shoplift. It was kind of stupid to think that her mother would just give up on going back to the city, but she couldn't help hoping.

I just don't see how these two characters could fall for each other - especially in such short amount of time. If curiosity killed the cat, it was satisfaction that brought it back.

I had forgotten so much of the plot in this book, and the first thing that surprised me upon rereading it was actually how problematic some of the writing is!

After one character tries to assault the protagonist, there are even one or two instances in which she talks about feeling flattered by his refusal to take “no” for an answer. Everything comes across as fully consensual, albeit quite a bit rushed and insta-lovey.

I guess that’s proof that writing is a craft that can be improved over time. Sure her life is hard, but it's the fairies making it that way because she's so important that they're all out to get her.

I just wasn't a fan of any of the characters.

I would've liked to see him actually have character development. The faeries don't really come in until 100-pages in!!

So cue alcohol and parties and copious smoking which makes me angry in books because smoking really gives you cancer omg grrr. I just like moral questions like that and chain-of-even reactions.

I wanted to know how the characters felt about being tortured and whatnot. To publish this as a young adult novel is horrifying.

I just don't want to subject myself to that kind of trash posing as literature. Es decir, el libro es suficientemente adulto como para presentar torturas bastante sangrientas, pero lo suficientemente juvenil para que la pareja no se dé más que un casto beso. Peeero, en fin, pasé un muy buen rato en la última parte, por la cual vale la pena leerse todo el libro. At a young age she has been able to see and interact with these things called faeries, although no one believed her. Then one day, she enchants a boy into falling in love with her and makes a broken, splintered horse move. There were some scenes that were just plain difficult to read. Like, he is completely helpless and starts eating everything he can get his hands on. She soon falls into the middle of the power struggle between two rival faery courts, a struggle which could easily spill into the human world. They are not likable, nor are their flaws realistic—instead, they are exaggerated and simplistic. This is clearly a first novel, and accordingly it feels unfinished and unpolished. The unfortunate effect of the ongoing story is that the book has an indistinct ending—although not a cliffhanger, it seems arbitrary and incomplete. On the whole, however, the complex plot fits the book's wide political premise and makes for a satisfying read.

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The faeries are equally satisfying: they are otherworldly, diverse, and carefully imagined. Some of the dark faeries are overdrawn and excessively macabre, but on the whole the faeries are the highlight of the text. She began the book and then brought it to me saying that she didn't feel it was appropriate for kids and that she, personally, had no interest in a heroine who consistently made such poor life choices. Gini loves books and movies with really strong female characters. She just really didn't like the idea that a 16 year old who was so "messed up" and misguided would be turned into a heroine of faery.

I finished the book and for an adult with the grace of age and perspective, this book is a fun, light read. This poor kid who has pretty much raised herself and her mother could very well end up the same dead-end mess that her mother has but she doesn't. She discovers something very special within herself. She ends up showing a lot of character and courage. This is just my opinion folks so take it for what it is worth to you!

Faerie and everything related to it, you will love this book.

My favorite thing about faerie books is always their eerie atmosphere. Teenagers in this book are not the goody two-shoes we're used to, the usual perfect kids that never do anything wrong. Black wrote a paranormal romance before paranormal romances were even a thing. The most entertaining, some cool plot stuff, character development, writing improvement. In addition, the important and interesting family drama with her wanna-be rocker mom and her controlling and narrow-minded grandmother is left not only unresolved, but probably unresolvable. Of course, "good" and "bad" will intermingle and swap around throughout the course of the story (as is appropriate in a faerie tale) and she has to look after herself and mis-trust her lifelong faerie friends. She stopped going to school when she was fourteen because her musician mother kept them moving around.

I have no idea how to write out this book review.

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I assumed it was going to be a darker tale but yeah, it really wasn't. Then there's the adventure which was pretty interesting and definitely didn't leave me bored.

I just kind of got a tor-dip into the darkness. Kaye thinks the faeries of her youth are a thing of the past, but soon, her world starts changing as she learns that she has been chosen as a sacrifice between faery courts. Kaye must struggle to save herself, her friend, and a certain faery knight. The writing is unclear in many places, with disjointed sentences and weak dialogue. Transitions between scenes were abrupt, and it was sometimes difficult to gain a coherent understanding of what was happening. Though some settings were described well, the characters were not. Character development was limited, and the relationships between characters seemed weak and unimportant. As described, the love connection also didn't seem believable.

I don't mind darker tales; however, there needs to be a point to it.None of the characters seemed to have any redeeming or likeable qualities.

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