Visit their site for more antique quilts. For the same reason making a medallion quilt today can be a truly creative experience.

Doll Bed Quilts
The same panel or block may have been used in several quilts but the borders were left to the quilt maker’s imagination and skills. Others made during this time were embroidered. The medallion quilts made during this period often had appliqued centers and borders usually in solid fabrics. These can be the most intriguing as you examine the borders and enjoy their variation.While some medallion quilts had just a few borders leaving the central area as dominant others involved a great many borders dwarfing the center. Often the pieced borders were alternated with strips of fabric in prints or solids. These borders were often made of varied fabrics giving scrappy look. The hourglass and modified nine patch patterns were some of the simpler blocks used in borders while various intricate star block patterns were created for more elaborate borders. Others borders were made of rows of small pieced blocks. Squares could be turned on point along a border strip or simply sewn together to make the border.

Borders could be pieced of triangles in border patterns such as the saw tooth or pyramid style. In time piecing was also used in the borders in fact some quilts in this style included both applique and piecing. As mentioned above the earlier quilts were appliqued in the center and these quilts usually had applique in the borders as well. Hexagon mosaic patterns were also used for the centers of some medallion quilts. Star patterns were some of the earliest used for pieced blocks. These smaller panels could be cut apart and appliqued one after another to create one of the many borders of the quilt. Also smaller panels were printed often in rectangular or oval shapes. For example the curved corner pieces could be cut out and appliqued to the 4 corners of the medallion quilt. In some cases these medallion panels were cut apart with sections of the original panel put in various parts of the medallion quilt. The photo to the right shows the central section of one. Appliqué was dominant on medallion quilts until the latter 1700s. The early appliqued centers and borders were usually done in the broderie perse style that involved cutting out images from printed fabric then sewing them onto the quilt’s center and borders. Consider how the center would be featured when bed curtains were pulled back. A feather filled four poster bed with a beautiful medallion quilt on it might well have been the centerpiece of the home. During the 1700s the most formal room in a well to do household often included the finest bed usually used by the husband and wife. Imagine one of these quilts on a grand four poster bed. The doll sized quilts were made by children as they learned to sew or were given to them as gifts for their dolls. Rare medallion style baby quilts and even doll sized can be seen in collections.

We assume the finer ones were made for formal bedrooms while the more casually made medallion quilts were for more humble beds. Some borders were made of a chintz print or even a special border fabric. These quilts were a favored style from the 1780s through the early 1800s. Antique medallion quilts are among the most valued today. These quilts were made up of several borders built around a central theme. My grandmother made her 27 grandchildren each a full size quilt from start to finish, mostly all different too.

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She specializes in unique patterns and is one of the few suppliers of king size quilts. She was one of our very first suppliers of quilts. Mary’s grandmother was a highly skilled quilter, who was well known for the meticulous detailing in the quilts she made. She has ten children – six boys and four girls. Mary is the mother of six and the grandmother of an ever-growing number of grandchildren. Her family and ours have attended each others weddings, celebrated holidays together and helped each other in difficult times. For those who have a deeper interest in our quilters, here’s some biographical information on several of our major quilt suppliers.

We have also included some brief biographical information on the supplier. If you look at the price tag on the quilts at our show, you will see we have listed the name of the person who provided the quilt. For most of our quilters, our shows are one of their primary income sources. It is an opportunity to financially support their families without leaving home.

Doll Bed Quilts

Binding was the last major step in my creation and involved sewing an edging all around me.

I was now covered from top to bottom with quilting. She put more pins in me and stretched me some more. Finally she finished the last section and took me out of the frame. Then she got out her treadle sewing machine and sewed all of my pieces together, taking special care to make sure all my seams were even and my pattern was symmetrical. Wool quilts should always be dry-cleaned. People all over the country enjoy my puffy petals and they really like the cones that form my border. Most of these quilts can be machine washed with cool water on the gentle cycle.

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When drying either air-dry or set the dryer on low setting with little or no heat.

We also have bed displays so you can see how a particular quilt will look on a bed of your dimensions before you buy it. To make it easier for you, we group our quilts by size so all the quilts that should fit your bed will be in the same area. For example, if you owned a queen size bed and wanted your quilt to hang at least 15 inches down each side, you would need to buy a quilt that is at least 90 inches wide (60 in. Not only does the amount of area covered by stitching affect cost, the tightness of those stitches can also have a big impact. The amount of quilting will also greatly affect prices since it is usually the most time consuming part of quilt making. A pieced quilt with smaller and more pieces will cost more than the same quilt with larger and fewer pieces. Appliqued quilts are usually more expansive than pieced quilts. A king size quilt will cost more than a comparable queen-sized quilt. There are a number of things that affect the price of a quilt.

We carry both the traditional and the contemporary styles.Applique quilts are generally harder to make and therefore more expensive than pieced quilts. These quilts are more intricate, use curved lines in their pattern, and will sometimes include some embroidery. Smaller pieces of fabric are then hand sewn onto it creating the pattern. Usually the sections are assembled in such a way that an intricate pattern is formed. Pieced quilts are made by sewing small straight edged pieces of material together. For that reason nearly every quilt we sell has been quilted by only one person.
How to make a quilt for a doll bed. This doll bed quilt can be made in any size. ****** Look for new crafting videos on our channel …

Their fine craftsmanship and the ability to put together attractive color combinations have justly earned this outstanding reputation. The good news is they did sell for only 10 cents a package at that time but that might have been expensive then too. It is rare today to see any quilt with this marking and very seldom on just a crib set. Their products were prestamped items for embroidery on almost everything imaginable. Stamped and perforated patterns were the only items in his 1923 catalog. Anything that can be embroidered for crafts they manufacture. He opened a store in 1870 and then went on to sell to retailers in 1875. This was her first, and probably most famous of the quilt series. Eventually the prestamped blue lines were used almost exclusively for not only the patterns but for the quilting lines too. The kits were aided in production due to increase in printing of periodicals and mass advertising. Some are still being produced by companies today. Quilt kits came into popularity and vogue in the 1920’s and 30’s although some date back to the late 1800’s. Kit quilts encouraged women to quilt who felt that they didn’t have enough creativity to tackle a quilt all on their own.Antique and vintage quilts came out of the closets and modern women came to realize what treasures had been lurking in an everyday essential as a bed covering. The quilt is beautiful, and she really loves it!…. It is beautiful and exceeded my dream of it. When we are able to get them in stock, you will fine that they make great wall decorations too. Every home should have a collection of these embroidered quilted fancies. Those hours spent result in a wonderful victorian style that will remind everyone of the old home style. See the fine detail of their hand embroidery in these quilts, usually a cross-stitch style, but also it may be done using crewel work. These quilts are especially great for your your guest bedroom or even a special family room. These quilts bring a sense of greatness into your home. Do you have an unfinished quilt, that you would like to get finished?

Add color with a solid sheet or blanket underneath. Beautiful for an elegant holiday table setting.

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