This took a lot of attempts, trying various yarn weights and needle sizes to create a fabric firm enough to carry it’s own weight and the weight of a dolly. Baby doll is knitted in one piece but for the arms and hat, the hat is sewn in place so there is no need to worry about ears and hair.

Please read the information on the pattern for yarn suggestions, hints and tips. And even when the sun is up for a few hours, it’s not really up. So getting pictures has been especially challenging for me lately. But a little two year old girl came over the other night, holding a baby doll.She in fact went home still sitting inside this very baby doll crib. She was very sad and made us promise to make her another crib.

I know the children in your own life will love this simple doll crib too. Do a test hole and insert the dowel to make sure the dowel is inserted 1/4″ into the hole. Mark each of the 18″ long 1x2s every 3″ along one long edge. Insert dowels with glue to create crib railings.

Just predrll holes sized for the screw in the finial, add a little glue, and twist the finials into the tops of the crib. Santa is bringing her a baby doll and these will be perfect.

I have a rare and painful genetic disorder that keeps me stuck in bed most of the time. This means that this guy has to come over all the time and work on the cribs with me over a period of several weeks. He keeps telling me how much he’s enjoying himself, and how he would never have done a project like this otherwise. But it has turned out to be a blessing this time around, as this guy keeps calling and asking if we can do a few more things on the crib every few days. Seriously, though, your efforts have made a difference for me!

The hubs made this little bed and it turned out beautifully. He still has to stain it, but it is adorable. Then of course it needed a dolly to sleep in the crib and then the dolly needed a sleep suit, pillow and blanket to keep it warm. Super cute/easy plans for a baby doll crib!

Toys Doll Crib Diy For Kids From A Nespresso Box

Easy way to transform a Nespresso Box to adorable Toys Doll crib cradle for your toys. Building toys for kids are so much funny …