The choices are endless since you can choose styles, colors, and prints on your own in your favorite store and bring them to us and we’ll create the item you want. Whether it’s redecorating a room or making baby things in your favorite colors and prints, or you may see a purse style you love, but need it in another color, we can do it for you.

Doll Bunting
Not only can you buy what we have already made, but if you like, you can bring us your fabrics and we can create a special look just for you or your little one. Beautiful baby items, pillows and window treatments, purses and diaper bags, hand-painted chairs with custom cushions and so much more. With yarn needle and rem length of yarn, turn row 1 upward onto hat, tack first stitch to hat, fasten off. Stuff body fully, but not tightly, to within 1" of bottom.Starting and ending at centre front, weave throught dc sts of rnd 1, pull ends tog. Pattern is for all 3 sizes unless indicated. Sew two buttons evenly spaced to the back neck edge of the bunting, being sure buttons are sewn to the ‘underneath’ edge. Work second sleeve the same as first sleeve, being sure to pick up the same number of sts for the first dc row. Skip sts to next ch 1 sp, dc in ch 1 sp, dc in remaining sts to end.

How To Make A Recycled Newspaper Paper Doll Bunting

An easy recycled craft idea you can do with your kids. Get your free templates (I have a boy doll, a girl doll, a heart, and a star) at ...

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Diy Doll Blankets And Buntings

This the DIY tutorial on how to make doll buntings and blankets for your miniature dolls. Please follow my facebook page for ...

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