I plan on going to the fabric store today. What type of material did you use for the cover?

I totally need to make 2 of these for my kiddos!

I love the ballet slipper instead of an ugly tennis shoe. One question on your supply list: what’s the difference between felt and stiff felt??

I have tried whole day yesterday to draw my own, but just cannot get it right.You can print the monkey out on iron transfer paper or straight onto a thin pellon. Thanks a million for sharing your talents, time and ideas with us!

I do have a question, though–do you use the fusible webbing for added strength, or just to skip sewing on pieces, or both?

The fusible webbing glues it on pretty good.

I can’t find any of the sticky that says “not recommended for fabric”.

I have a questions about your quiet books.

Keep posting such kind of information on your blog.

I made with pelon pages much better than the fabric ones. In the picture, yours looks like it has more texture. This will make a great keepsake for him or her!

Let me know if you have any other questions. This way you don’t have to sew each piece on and you don’t make everything hard using glue. It is obvious that a ton of work went into these, and they are gorgeous and very professional-looking!

When you say you used it for the pages did you use it as backing or the actual page?

I used wonder under to adhere the felt pieces to my pellon page. How did you “mirror image” the picture so that you could print it on the transfer paper?

There should be a mirror image option when printing. Look for it, sometimes it’s hard to find.

I was wondering, how did you punch your holes in the pellon pages?thanks!

The thickest pellon that they had was “medium” weight according to the woman who works there. It is a smoother surface, rather like fabric, and it’s thin enough to be slightly translucent.

I maybe put three sheets together for each page?

I try to get somewhere to buy stiff felt?

So for the quiet book you would sew around the edge of the picture, usually about 1/8 of an inch away from the edge. It’s up to you what kind of felt you want to use. The stiff felt really holds up a lot better and doesn’t get those little fuzzies all over it like the regular felt does over time. Thanks again for the templates and advice!

I am so excited to start this project for my little girl!

Christmas and they saved me so much time!!

I would love for you to check it our sometime!

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I just have such a hard time creating my own. She just uses one side of the pellon and then sews two pages together!

Can’t wait to get started on books for great grandson. Do you have a template for the cover page?

I am struggling to mirror image the template to go on the transfer paper??

My plan is to cut everything out and hand stitch things together while on a long plane ride.