Yours don’t seem that long in the picture.

You just slide it into the stitch you want it, then snap on the back piece.

Doll Bunny Ears
I just finished one and it is as long as the bunny is from head to bottom.

You will skip that chain and continue to the next chain.

I am not decided yet to make bears, bunnies or jirafes!

They are pretty easy for me ( an old novice at crochet).That you made it available as a pdf why that is simply icing on the cake. After you make the ears you will attach them.

I don’t understand the beginning of the ears?

I want to send you my photos of finished products. Thank you soooo much for this wonderful pattern.

I did start to sell them because everyone wanted one.

Diy How To Make Doll Bunny Ears And Scarf Handmade Doll Cosplay Crafts click the link to make this fabsome craft today!

by request: Make your Dolls these FABSOME, FUN and EASY ...

My granddaughter loves her bunny but she also wants a bear.

I used plain color the match the multi-color on the feet to make it look like shoes and it looks fantastic.

I was wondering if there are any directions of how to turn this into a bear. There really isn’t many stitches, and they are not tight.

I personally think that baby blanket yarn is easier to work with for amigurumi type projects than actual blankets. Check out my secure pom pom tutorial too!

I would just make a pom pom with the same color you embroidered the nose with.

I did add two rows to the arms, i increased the hdcs in the 2nd and 3rd rows to make ‘hands’ for the bunny.

I used the dusty rose color & the bunny is so cute!

And made it look like there is an inner ear. Thank you for sharing this lovely pattern!

I have all the parts done and now need to attach them. Fold the wider end of the ears in half and attach them. Weave the yarn tail back and forth through each stitch around. Add the safety eyes and stitch on the nose and mouth with yarn and and a yarn needle. And attach the bunny ear onto the headband. Then we are going to attached inner of the ear to the big ears by sewing. Then finish off and leave long tail for sewing. Slip stitch into the first stitch of this round. Start crocheting in the next stitch from the previous round. Do not slip stitch into the first stitch of this round. Start with slip knot then crochet 12 chains. Make 2 pieces (colour of your choice) or pink. Sc in the next stitch from hook and around until they wide enough to cover the band (no need stitch count).

Huggy Bunny

il fullxfull.image
Here a video free crochet class on craftsy or the free pdf the beginner guide to crochet. The great news is that the free crochet pattern just uses a simple stitch – hence why it’s great for beginners. You’ll actually be holding two strands of yarn in your hand at all times. Another thing to note about this pattern is that you’ll need to double up on the yarn as you’re crocheting. So, while you’re at the craft store, grab a skein of both white and pink acrylic yarn. Unlike a lot of my patterns that use cotton yarn, this one really works better with thicker acrylic yarn, because it helps the bunny ears stand up.

I got the inexpensive plastic kind at the craft store, but if you have an old one at home that you’re not in love with, feel free to upcycle it. For this pattern you’ll need to pick up some plain headbands. So, even if you’re new to crocheting, you can still make one with this 30-minute bunny ear headband free crochet pattern.

I made sure that it was beginner friendly.

I have finished my first amigurumi baby bear from your website my son loves it so much as in he always have it with him everywhere he goes.

Doll Bunny Ears

Do you have a pattern or would you ever consider making a pattern?

It's better that the beginner find easy to read patterns and start a new hobby than read a complicated one and never even try.

I couldn't even start because reading the first few lines made me feel overwhelmed.

I just wanted you to know that you are greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much for sharing this pattern. He was completely intrigued by it and my daughter wants me to make one for him. Do you have a pattern for a sweater for the dress me bunny?

You will always be my go to source from now on.

Dress Me Bunny ~ Amigurumi To Go

I can't thank you enough for your patience and tutorial.

I stumbled on your blog and patterns and fell in love with these bunnies for my little girl. Thank you for sharing your patterns with us.

I wish you all the best and a future full of blessings!

I want to make the overalls with buttons so she can practice how to tue, button, and snap.

I will make the dress with snaps and maybe add laces to some shoes. Of course the ears hang down but they look cute that way too.

I used crochet thread to make the little ones. Thank you for pattern and good luck in yours next works.

You really "teach" us how, you go slowly, you speak clearly, your video is nice and smooth. Please accept my small donation in appreciation for your hard work.All of the tips and little tricks that you provide are the icing on the cake.

I had never even heard of the term amigurumi before, but decided to give it a go and purchased safety eyes and some fiberfill. As i'm more of a suits person, is it possible to include suits as a future clothes project for dress me bunny?

I made a bunny for my niece for her birthday and she wouldn't put it down!

Your blog has become my new favorite website!

Do you think you could make a hat for this cute bunny?

How To Make Doll Bunny Ears Miniature Crafts Diy

TUTORIAL: How to make a doll bunny ears template link (LETTER): template link (A4): ...

Thank you so much for offering such beautiful and easy to understand patterns.

I can't work with those tiny crochet hooks and crochet thread, it's just too hard for me to work with.

I love making little blankets and baby dresses. These are too stinking cute and your tutorials are fantastic!

I was wondering what if i wanted it to be twice the size of your finish rabbit, what should i do???

Can you tell me the length of your legs i want the legs to hang like your bunnies. The best thing to do is take a look at etsy and see what similar things sell for. My granddaughters will love these bunnies. My bunny is measuring about 11 inches long.

I am using the medium worsted weight yarn, so hopefully tightening will work.

I will definitely try tightening up my stitches more. Using the 2tog method while tightening stitches works very well for me.

You can eliminate most if not all of this gap by tightening up the stitches.American terminology, but would like a definitive answer!

Thanks for sharing the happiness of crocheting. Also going to try the basket & carrots to go with it.

I ripped out the legs back to row 11, further decreased to 12 st. Redoing legs is one thing but redoing the head and body is another!

The head is firmer than the body for sure. Try undoing the finishing knot on the body and stuffing it some more.

I do show how to stuff the body in the video. The body doesn't seem large enough for them. If you do give a donation, please accept this note as my sincere thanks and know that you have helped a great deal. Now you should hop on over here and dress your bunny!

Pin the ears on top of the head and play around with placement before sewing them in place. Sew the pom pom on as is shown in the video. Sit the bunny down and see where the tail will look best then pin it on, use lots of pins then sew it in place unless you made a pom pom tail. Stuff the muzzle and use lots of pins to hold it in place before sewing. Pin the ears in place and make sure you are happy with the placement before sewing them in.

You can add a stitch or 2 at the top of the ears to hold the pipe cleaners in place. Loosely fold 2 pipe cleaners in half and push the bend all the way to the top of the ear. Knot off and hide yarn tails in the body.

Snuggle Bunny Free Sewing Pattern and Instructions

Weave in and out of the remaining stitches and pull tight to close. Whip stitch a nose in place before sewing the muzzle to the head. The top of the muzzle is placed on the 12th or 13th row, whichever looks best to you. If you plan to use safety eyes they are placed in between the 12th and 13th row with 7 visible stitches between them. The number inside the parentheses ( ~ ) is the number of stitches you should have at the end of that particular row. All my patterns are free and many of them have video tutorials too.

I will make some for children hospital charity, if permitted.

I made two of these snuggle bunnies for my little grand daughters and they both came out beautiful. There was only the ear, nose, and the heart. Please do contact me if you want to use any of the text or more images. Turn right side out and ladder stitch the opening closed. Trim off any excess material from the corners of the triangle, making sure to avoid cutting the lines of sewing. Machine sew together using a. 5 cm / ¼ seam allowance. Stuff firmly, but not too full, with the polyester craft filler. Once the body is right side out, push put any of the curved areas with the base of the chopstick. Reaching into the open section with your fingers, pull the body through using the tops of the ears. When you are finished machine sewing the body together, unpin and snip into the arm and neck corners, avoiding cutting through the lines of sewing. Make sure the bulk of the ear material is in the centre of the body. Take the second body piece and lay right side down over the body and the ears. Lift the body slightly and pin the ears in place on the reverse of the body. Take the ears and position the cotton sides flat onto the fleece body, the open ends lined up with the top of the head. Using the chain stitch sew in the outlines. Using the blue tailor chalk pencil mark in the mouth and the eyes as shown in the pattern. Take the felt nose and place in the centre of the face as shown in the pattern. Using two strands of cotton embroidery thread/floss blanket stitch the heart in place. Take the felt heart and place on the front of the body as shown in the pattern.Repeat on the second ear and both ears aside. Push the tip of the ear inside the top of the ear and guide it through to the unsewn opening. Turn the ear right side out using the base of the chopstick. Machine-sew around the ears leaving the bottom section unsewn for turning. Cut out the ears, two from the cotton and two from the fleece. Cut out the heart and the nose from the felt. Cut out all of the paper patterns with your paper scissors. Snuggle bunny makes a great cuddly pressie, complete with her own blankey.

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