The fairytale dress-up doll comes with outfits and accessories for 3 different fantasy costumes. She also comes with 3 tops, 1 fairy skirt, 2 pairs of shoes and a tiara!

The brightly colored wings are adorned with candy-themed decorations. The ombré-shaded tail snaps on and off for watery tales. Mix & match pieces to create new characters!

The fairytale accessories have fantasy touches, like strappy fairy shoes, to inspire creativity.Barbie doll looks positively sweet in looks decorated with candy colors and accents. The beautiful princess wears a candy-detailed pink snap-on bodice, a long colorful skirt with glitter, matching shoes and a princess tiara. The tops clip on and off and those are easy for my daughter to use. The two skirts, the purple shoes, and the wings are nice. There are some tiny pieces but that is to be expected from dress up dolls this size.

I give this product 5 stars because it's a toy that offers my kids hours upon hours of replay value which gives me bang for my buck.
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The doll is very pretty and so are the attachable parts. All the items have wonderful detail on them. It was impossible for her to do this on her own and we adults had extreme difficulty as well. The box was all dented in and the cardboard was separating from the plastic front. My daughter loves it, apparently it's the best thing ever. Out of all the toys she got, this is the one she'll consistently go to. The accessories are pretty study and my only complaint is that the shoes are difficult for kids to take off.

I am also not too fond of the hard plastic tops that just snap onto the top of the doll rather than something she actually wears. The worst thing about this set is the shoes.

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