Now my brand new doll has been ripped and beaten into 4 pieces?!

Had no extra help to do all the paperwork on my shift!

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It's killing my grass and my back picking it up.

You forgot and honked and waved at a guy driving what looks like their old truck now you're stuck at a stoplight with him staring at you!?

When it didn't exist the requesto said they must have been mistaken. They gave me a stupid baby blue pad to put on my elbow and said 'maybe it will get better eventually.Then they go behind our back and try to sneak out with stuff anyways. Check into hotel and realize you didn't pack deodorant, comb, or chapstick!

Then you see your wallet on the car seat. Checked the company out and did best to confirm legit. Ended up invading my computer with malware anyway. But now that one of their daughters birthdays have come around, they have the balls to knock on our door to tell us to go sing happy birthday to my 12 year old niece!

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Drove off and didn't realize until lunch time. It must have been ran over by 30 cars & the trash truck. Guess who's getting 2 early teenage girls?

I gave her one as a gift with flamingos on it and she loves it!!!!

Would love an umpire doll to give our coach when we don't agree with the call!

A series of dashes in a very organized pattern, unlike the highlights on the original. The yellow sweater vest has some orangish color highlights that run horizontally, and randomly throughout the material. The repro’s are a touch darker blue and have a bit of a texture of tiny squares in them. The original is very transparent and the body can be clearly seen through the material. They are more narrow and tend to look a little rough with occasional flashing evident. Although similar, the blue strips on the waist and cuffs of the repro are darker blue and thinner. The four stars is because these dolls need to be in their boxes to thoroughly enjoy them. Because out of box, they're hard plastic dolls, that don't stand on they're own. They have large bobbly heads and thin bodies but that is part of their uniqueness. Their coloring doesn't rub or scratch off, they are painted and crafted very well. Their clothes are beautiful and the fabric is thick and definitely kid proof. She doesn't have any scratches or paint chips after several months of daily play. The line debuted in 1977 and continued in 78. The repro’s are taller in the waist, longer in the leg, and lower in the crotch. They also have a lighter thread than the dark blue mego used. The shirt has a collar and opens in the back for the thumbs up action. It closes with a snap at the back of the neck. The repro is more bright white, doesn’t have the collar, and doesn’t open in the back and no snap. Fonzie came on his own card that supported his unique body type and allowed kids to try his thumbs up motion.

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He also came boxed briefly and was sold as a stand alone piece. Made of a heavy cloth, but not jean type material, these pants are a solid blue. The original is more tan/off-white, while the repro thread is yellow. Now they live in a fantastical world full of silly surprises. With your love, their magic can go on forever.

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