Tape the two pages with the large figures together to make a game board and display it in front of the room. Cut the smaller figures apart to make cards.

In class display the game board in front of the class. Pick one child to be the leader and have him pick one of the cards. The other children should take turns asking yes or no questions to the leader. If the guesser is correct, he gets to take a turn picking a card and answering questions.When your children are done, tell them to count the number of stickers on their papers. Then give each child a small amount of paper stars. Allow them to glue their stars to the black paper, leaving some space between the stars. Next give each child a piece of chalk (any color)and have him or her connect the stars and count the stars. Glue the memory verse to the bottom of the page. Genesis 36:23-27 gives you a family history.

Cut the faces apart and cover the names that are nest to the faces. Hold each face picture up and tell your children the name of the son. Ask your children how they might remember the name that goes with the picture. When you have placed all the pictures on the board ask your children to pick out each face that goes with the names. If a child picks the correct picture, he gets to keep that picture. Keep playing until all the faces have been picked. Unfold the stack and the disciples appear standing next to each. The 5/8" work perfect with the one-inch tape. The draw back is that they don't last as long as the harder colored pencils and they aren't cheap. Watch a video on how to make the folding craft stick canvas. Cut the mini-jumbo craft sticks into two pieces. Place two sticks together, side by side, and tape them together covering both the sticks with the tape.

You don't have cover the rounded ends of the sticks. Place another craft stick next to and below the two sticks that you taped together. Use another piece of tape to tape the bottom two sticks together. Turn all three sticks over diagonally and place another stick at the bottom of the row and tape the last two sticks together.

You can also cover the first and last stick in the row by placing tape over the stick and then folding it back over the stick. It is easier to write on the tape than the craft stick. Have them write the disciples' names on the back of the sticks. If a child messes up while working on his canvas, you can pull off the tape where he messed up and replace it with new tape. Before class print out the family tree pattern and cut out small leaf shapes about 2" long from green paper. In class have your children color the tree trunks and write their family member's names on the leaves. Younger children will not know very many of their relatives, but they can just glue the leaves on the tree and have their parents help them write the names on the leaves later. Don't worry about putting the names in any kind of order like a real family tree.

The idea is to just help the children think about how many people are related to them. Genesis 46:8-22 tells how many children each of his sons had. Challenge the children to come up with 70 relatives.

I challenged the children to take their trees home with them and have their parents help them write in the names of their relatives.

I offered a prize to the child that brings back the tree with the most names. Jacob sits in front of the room with his back to the other children and closes his eyes. Have the children sit on the floor around the stars. Take turns going around the circle letting each child pick a star. The child that picks up all the stars in order first wins.

You can then have the child glue the stars onto a strip of paper to take home and study. To make this game longer, you can ask questions about the story and then have the children pick up a star.

Doll Descendants

I am "in charge" (so to speak) of getting the lessons for our four teachers who teach once a month (including myself). There are always fun stories of how the kids enjoyed them as well.

You do a terrific job getting these lessons put together!

His favorite color is light green, and he has a flower garden (in which he is known to have tulips and hydrangeas). Though he is easily one of the most cheerful members of the cast, he hides a dark secret from his past. Both manga and anime reference terrible deeds he committed in life. He also has an incredibly high stamina, able to take massive damage to his body without being killed and healing almost immediately. Hisoka enjoys reading, and spends much of his time at the library by himself.

List Of Descendants Of Darkness Characters

His health even in the afterlife does not seem to be particularly well, and he has a tendency to faint. However, he is a capable detective, and clever in subterfuge. Hisoka is also adept in traditional martial arts, particularly archery, and kendo. Muraki's mother collected dolls , and she is shown as treating him as though he were a doll as well. Muraki's love of dolls and his collecting of dolls is a motif throughout the manga and anime, paralleling what he does with real people. Muraki is an expert manipulator, fronting as a good doctor who laments over his inability to save lives, while hiding his private life as a serial killer. He is known for having a sweet tooth and according to an author's note in volume 2 is a black belt in an unknown martial art. In addition to the standard abilities of shinigami, he also has the ability to manipulate shadows both as weapons and as a means of transport. He is also in charge of computer maintenance & repair. According to the author, his hair was bleached blonde by excessive chlorine in a swimming pool. However, they are sincere in their wanting everyone to be good friends.Hiroshima in life, which gave him a rough and pessimistic demeanor, as well as a strong sense of duty. Wakaba is a miko or priestess of sorts; a job that ran in her family. One is known to record the good deeds; the other, the bad deeds. He is invisible when he wants to be (as we see part of him in human form in book 9), using a mask and gloves so people can tell where he is when he's not wearing one of his costumes. Hakushaku also hosts many parties in the manga, ranging from a cherry blossom viewing party to more formal evening balls. Though obviously powerful, he is a mysterious character about which little is known.

He is a mysterious character with long black hair whose eyes are never shown, adding to the mystery of his character. Hisoka, resulting in the pair being nearly identical. Her father, as it turns out had sold her life to the devil in exchange for becoming a famous violinist. She makes no further appearances afterward. In the end, he is shown very deeply disturbed after the cruise liner sinks, showing he might have harbored feelings for her as well. Saki was the result of his father's philandering with one of his patients. She has the appearance of a high-school girl, despite being in her thirties. Later in her life she grew very ill from an unspecified disease, and on the way to visit her at the hospital, her brother died in a car accident; as such, she blames herself for his death. Afterward she checked out of the hospital despite her failing health in order to carry out her and her brother's dream to make their dance academy successful. She can have a temper, and jumps to conclusions most of the time without waiting for further explanation. Strict and traditional, he will seem to do anything to keep his family's secret under control. When in battle in the living world, shikigami appear as various types of mythological creatures. Suzaku : a red "firebird" or phoenix , the first we see in the anime.Genbu appears in human form as a tiny old man who is generally held in contempt by servants for his strange behavior. He is shown to bear a grudge towards the former. Tsuzuki stated that a bad match between a parasitic type and its host results in markings and other irregular deformities of the face, eyes, or teeth. The shikigamis inhabit the world in their human forms (avatars). Doll comes in a stylish outfit with elegant accessories, including matching shoes. Also included is a locket for the girl, with a sticker inside. A former wallflower, she knows that true beauty comes from within, and her confidence keeps growing every day. Jane, so she's slowly learning how to express herself and experimenting with her magic to develop her powers and really stand out!

She comes in a stylish outfit with elegant accessories, including matching shoes.

We had a hand pop off once, but it snapped right back into place. We've had some of the characters for about 6 months and that's been the only time something like that happened.

We watched for sales and were able to grab some of them for around 10 bucks, but be prepared to pay more for the more in-demand characters. They’re not the most flexible but they’re still fully articulated. This doll came with all the clothes and accessories shown in the picture and a little sticker inside the book. My only complaints are that the hair is a little greasy and gross (something true for a lot of dolls. Especially if they have curly hair.) but that can be fixed via the baby powder method. My other complaint is that the clothes are incredibly difficult to remove. She does not fit ever after high or monster high clothes as they’re too tight. The stores only carried the main characters which she already had. The doll is high quality just like the ones you would buy for more at a retail store. Fast shipment, good price highly recommend. Not worth the effort returning this defective product, but will think twice before purchasing dolls from this line again. Doll comes with a sleek, enchanting outfit, a pair of matching shoes, and accessories. She also comes with a cracked mirror locket that opens to reveal the heart sticker inside. Evie as she tries to make real friends and learn about her exciting new world. She comes with a sleek, enchanting outfit and accessories, and matching shoes. Her face mold is adorable and the look on her face is wickedly cheeky, wich i love!!

Her mirror is cute and has a secret sticker wich you can stick anywhere on the inside of the mirror!!

Her tights are adorable as is her shoes!!

Small cosmetic imperfections on the corner of the item. All of her clothes and shoes are meticulously made and believe me, this doll has been very closely inspected with the critical eyes of a demanding kindergartener. The clothing and accessories are well made and durable.