These toys are great to encourage a child’s creativity and imagination as they play. The juice, although seeming to disappear, is also retracted back into the bottle instead of being consumed and moving through.

As for the issue with the needle breaking you have use a 16 gauge for stiffer and heavier fabrics. My patterns/tutorials/printables are for personal use only.

I honestly love reading every single one!

Do you have to use minky or felt, or would regular fabric also work?I couldn't have made it without the tutorial.

I bought some purple material with butterflies on it. She had been carrying her doll clothes in a dollar store storage bin.

I love the other crafts you have shared also!

I also added pockets to my dimple minky liner.

I just finished one last night, and it is so stinkin' cute!

How To Sew A Diaper For A Doll Or Stuffed Animal

Here is a fun sewing project that doesn't take a lot of time or materials. In this sewing tutorial we will go through the steps to create ...

I am sure you could probably do some math and calculate what dimensions you were hoping for. Cardboard has a tendency to 'fall apart' when washed.

I am sewing the straps, inner liner, and flaps. They are soft, quilted, and worked really well for watery poop.

You really exceeded visitors' expected results. She came to find several details, most notably how it is like to possess a marvelous helping nature to have many more easily master specific tricky things.

I whipped one up for my niece for her third birthday. Your pics and instructions are wonderful!!

Thanks so much for taking the time to share--love your blog!

Celebrity style invitations at inexpensive prices.

I wish it came a little more natural for me.

I did baby doll diaper bags for my girls last year and made a little wipes case out of felt, wipes (rectangle pieces of felt), a blanket, and a little outfit.

I have got to buy a sewing machine to start learning how to make cute things, and then if someone would teach me how to buy time, well, that would be amazing!

Where did you find the heart print fabric?

My daughter was just changing her dolly's diaper last night, she would love this!

You put together a beautiful tutorial, and a really professional-looking mini diaper bag!

I really appreciate people like you who are willing to share their patterns and talents!

Chirstmas, thank you so much for puttint this tutorial together!!

I did put more for the butt than the back.

I used 2 diapers for each of the arms and legs, and the rest goes for the body.

I rolled the diapers and put them in the sleeper and blew the face up on the computer to fit the size of the baby.

I had to rubber band the binkie to stay flat, the face "skin" is made out of an onesie.

I felt pretty confident about the result. There are also baby gloves and booties and on the bottom of baby are baby shampoo and lotion, a rattle and a bottle.

Diaper Baby Instructions

It also has a baby hat, blanket and a very nice baby outfit that is pink to match the hat. It was put into a nice basket to look like bassinet.

I placed it on a chest in the corner of the room. When people walked by, they had to take a second look. Glue on eyes and make a very small slit for the pacifier. This will be the only diaper she will not be able to use. Use another diaper to wrap head, so that it covers rubber bands in front and put under the rubber bands in back to hold. With the part of the rubber band that's showing, attach arms and legs by wrapping around the body at an angle. Add another rolled diaper to end and secure with rubber band to make it longer. Then close and use another rubber band to secure opposite end.

You will put the last diaper on later, to cover the rubber band.

Doll Diaper

Then push together, so it will be taller, and not look like a ball. With the next diaper opened, wrap the other way, to form a ball. Continue wrapping, securing with rubber bands as needed, until you get the size you want. Tissue paper was used as a filler around the outside of the basket.

I had a couple more articles of clothing which are also inside the basket and tied with ribbon. The remainder of the diapers were rolled and tied with curling ribbon.

I bought a wicker basket and lined it with a receiving blanket. A rattle was attached to the one arm with curling ribbon.

Craftaholics Anonymous

Blue tissue paper was used to wrap the head, arms and legs. The baby is dressed with an onesie undershirt, shirt, pants, hat and a bib. The same was done to make the head of the baby only smaller. One large elastic was used to hold the head and body together.

I rolled diapers together to form the arms and legs and tucked them into the elastic that was used to hold the head and body together. Continue doing this until you've reached the desired size.

I used elastics to hold the diapers together.

I began by loosening the diapers and rolling them to form the body.

I finished it off by attaching a baby rattle to the arm with white curling ribbon.

I placed it in a gift basket and surrounded it with sock roses. Put a pacifier in between the diapers on the front of the face of small diaper ball where the mouth would be.I thought this gift would be a perfect way to celebrate when she finally got her little one!

I use a large, narrow elastic around both of them. If you have short sleeves, use 1 diaper each for the arms, for long sleeves use 2 diapers each. Put the small ball on top of the large one. Just make 2 balls of diapers... 1 larger (body) than the other (head smaller ball). Loosen all the diapers and keep rolling in a ball (like making a snowman).
What I Pack in my Berenguer La Newborn Baby Doll's Diaper Bag and Changing Our Last Video: La Newborn Berenguer Baby ...

Next, loosen another diaper and start rolling this diaper around the first one. Start this diaper with its fold over the seam part of the first rolled diaper.

I showed her she could carry her baby's change of clothes and bottle in it, but she wasn't impressed. She loves to play house, play mommy, and to care for her ‘babies’. It didn't seem like a diaper to her, so she used one of her own real diapers and she ignored the small jar when she realized it was empty.

I thought she'd like it more, but the only thing she liked was the packet of wipes. She has a set of twin babies that she wants a diaper on both at the same time!

Small enough for her to carry around, but large enough she can fit her baby bottles in there too so she can feed her baby as well. My only wish is there was more than one diaper in there. It's been 2 months and she has dragged this all over and still looks brand new the quality is great. Perfect little set for my 2 year old to change... Cute little wipes and a case to hold them in and the bag is super cute as well. The other ones given (all bought at nice stores and not cheap) were cheaply made and flimpsy, not this one.Definitely recommend for little girls who love baby dolls.

I bought this diaper bag for her and she got a few more from others as gift and this is hands down the best. The quality of nice for the price and it is a really cute pattern. Having the diaper bag to take along with the baby doll made her feel like a real mommy. But it's awkward to figure that out, too. It'd be much more fun with zippers and closures like the turnlock closure on my purse. The main compartment is also held together with velcro by use of the flap that goes through the two handles to attach to the front. She doesn't play with the bag but will play with the accessories if she finds them, since they don't go back in the bag that's not fun to play with. The front pocket has a velcro strip that can keep it somewhat shut, but it's awkward to figure out, so my toddler doesn't operate it as intended. Go to the dollar store and it would probably cost you less!

And, if anyone knows a child, they like to add their own "treasures" to their baby's bag. Bag is small so that very few items can be placed in it, besides the ones that came with it. And the wipes are this, cloth like but seem durable. Also, the rash cream container is empty, so my daughter keeps wanting me to fill it up. Now my 2 year old will stop using real diapers and wipes when it's time to change her baby. Scrub those babies clean with this 6-piece play set!

Cushy, padded handles and easy-open compartments easily hold a cloth diaper, a container of wipes, and a container that can hold rash ointment (all included). This 12-inch doll loves to be held and can also sit up 'like a big girl'!

Doll play also helps self-esteem and confidence grow by leaps and bounds.

Baby Alive

Doll play and caretaking develops cognitive and fine motor skills as children practice removing and putting on diapers, and filling and removing items from the diaper bag. This fabric doll-sized diaper bag is packed with supplies to help young mommies and daddies care for their baby dolls. Diapers that are different colors so you can prove you've changed them. It reminds me of a gift that my grandmother gave to my little girls (her great-grandchildren). She has a lot of grandchildren and great-grandchildren so she must be creative and frugal with her gift-giving.

You just iron it on and it bonds permenently!

Thanks again for the pattern and tutorial.

I have made 4 of them so far: 2 each for my 2 daughters, a blue and pink one for each girl.

I have been so lazy to draw a template myself.

I zig zag stitched the velcro on and didn't have any trouble. These will make great gifts for my great nieces. Its inspired me to make a doll diaper bag and stock it with diapers, a wet bag, changing pad, and mini burp cloths.

I got the idea to make the diapers, but wasn't sure where to start.

I bought some similiar for my daughter 15 yrs ago. My little students often ask me to change diapers, hold, cuddle, feed their "babies" etc. The resin snaps are much cheaper and super good quality but might be a little hard for little fingers to unsnap.

We prefer snaps on our cloth diapers over the velcro. Now she has a couple of diapers that are a lot nicer than the one the doll came with. My 2 year old daughter and 4 year old son have been wasting my daughter's size 4 diapers to put them on her baby dolls.

I agree that it is simple, but made worlds easier with your handy template. There nothing wrong with cheating when it comes to sewing!

Or, you can add resin snaps - these kind are on cloth diapers. Thanks for the pattern and the idea, they were an instant hit and soooooo easy to make.

You can use one of those hand-held snap presses from the fabric store and add some metal snaps.

I also cut out a duck and a teddy bear from felt to put on the front of each one. Annabell has a larger bottom than the pattern allowed for.I whipped up a pair of these last night, much to my daughter's delight. Your webpage was the first one that popped up with a pattern.

I also sewed a velcro strip so it can fit all our various babies.

I even appliqued some elmo faces on one for my son to match his own underwear.

I did decide to put the velcro on first before sewing together so if my velcro got messed up, it didn't look bad on the reverse. Mine had to do with the sticky back type.

I used an old washcloth and press and seal.

I wouldn't have to do this stuff by hand!

I have just purchased a tiny tears doll and plan on making clothes for her.

I think it would be easy enough to enlarge for bigger dolls if necessary.

I even shrunk the pattern a bit for the smaller dolls.

I used minky fabric that was in my scrap bin.

How To Make A Diaper For A Child'S Doll

And, no, this isn't the craziest gift idea.

I did put a strip of velcro across the whole front of the diapers though so they could adjust easier between the different sizes of dolls.

I will bookmark your blog and check again here regularly.

I will be told many new stuff right right here!

I am so excited to make them with our own choice of cloth!

What size doll do you reckon it would fit please?

However, while getting ready for the birth, my 3 year old grand daughter is sneaking diapers for her dolls. This will be great for my granddaughter as she starts to play with baby dolls. My grand daughter is going to love these new diapers. My daughter-in -aw is expecting this week. These only take minutes, including the time it takes to re-thread the sewing machine needle when the thread breaks sewing the velcro on (does anyone have any tips for this). Really a diaper is the only ‘clothes’ our babies wear, if any. A new version of this doll with drink and wet features was introduced in 2017. They seem to go into the doll's mouth when they are mechanically retracted back into the spoon. A new version of this doll was introduced in 2013. She drinks water from a cup, and then wets her diaper. She is given medicine and the child can "check her up" as if they are a doctor caring for a patient. They move through her and end up in her diaper, which is then changed. She comes with a toothbrush and toothpaste so the child can "brush" them. Baby alive soft face 2006 doll: she can be fed a doll food paste made from a powder, and given a bottle of water.Unlike the other dolls, it does not speak. She can come in blonde or brunette hair colors. She will ask to use it twice after the second feeding before she goes in her diaper, and so on until the fifth feeding. They were activated by the spoon, the bottle, or a finger. It was fed in the same manner, but swallowed automatically without the need for a lever, and used a potty instead of a diaper. The food would move through her and end up in her diaper; this version did not speak, so you had to check the diaper a few moments after feeding. The spoon would be inserted into its mouth, and a lever on its back pushed to have it chew the food.It turned out so cute and she loves them. The doll comes in three different skin tone varieties. It could be fed food packets mixed with water, and came with a bottle , diapers , and feeding spoon. It will be one of the birthday presents for my granddaughter!

Now we are looking for a project for next year!!!

We made lots of diapers and the wipes with the holders!

We even made a couple camo for my grandson since he plays with the babies too with them!

Just wanted to say thank you because we had so much fun working on these!

We made them for our granddaughters and we had so much fun!

The longest part was getting the pattern just right – once we had that down it was smooth sailing. Then cover up the oval opening with your flap and sew in place. Take the smaller piece of fleece and add some hearts to the flap if you want. So we dont have any baby dolls to test with. She drinks from a bottle, wets her diaper, and sits on her very own potty chair!

Just wax paper that you buy at the store.

I used another receiving blanket to put over the baby. Children learn language skills as they talk to their dolls, and caring for them helps foster nurturing skills and responsibility. Can no longer find them and was having a hard time trying to draw the pattern myself. Just make sure you leave enough room on the bottom of the flap to attach to velcro.

craftaholics anonymous diapehow sew diaper for dol