This was my favorite read as a young child.

I loved the stories as a child and now appreciate the art as an adult.

It is so great to read these old favorites again. However, it deserves to be viewed in a better edition than this. It has small lessons regarding behavior, being over tired, sick, etc. In a book that tells a story largely through the innovative and quite beautiful photography, this is shameful.And at least there should be a warning that the book does not contain the full edition with all photos that you remember from your childhood. It almost looks like the pages are photocopies.

I understand that views on spanking as punishment have evolved (thankfully) but that's no excuse for editing a deceased artist's work. Buyer beware: "remastered and enhanced" means edited.

I purchased this one for the daughter of a friend. Also available in hardcover and paperback.

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Sad, she wanders about the city for a day. Edith's guilty conscience makes her so unhappy that she can't even enjoy her birthday party.

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