Now that she is older, she can finally open her business!

Blanche wants to make sure that she looks beautiful too!

Doll Fruit Stand
Also, come back soon because we plan on making a lot of goodies for the fruit stand!

The video has a lot of extra photos in it.

I already had on hand and it was a mis-tint so i don’t know the exact name of it. The printables are available at the top of the post.I hope you share a tutorial for the foam board version (more doable around here!).

You are very talented, and so generous to share your tutorials!

If you could explain in a post at some point how to convert things from wood to foam core, that would also be great, if it is at all possible. Very grateful for all the time and effort you put in to these amazing projects. Please don’t use foam board on lea’s rainforest house.

I just bought the bamboo at home depot (garden area) for her house.

American Girl Doll Works At Big Fruit Stand Playset & Makes Food For Customers + Blind Bags

My American Girl doll is ready to work at the Fruit Stand. This set is so cute, it comes with lots of food and a cute tropical bird.

I will use clear varnish to keep them from fading.

I had 3 entries yesterday and left another comment today for another chance, but the entry place still only shows 3 entries. Plus it has a complementary colour scheme that will go with the diner and the bakery that we made. That beautiful sea foam green seems to be a popular colour!

A foam board version would be really nice and also a blender. Carambola(star shaped fruit), watermelon, and pineapples would be good fruit additions to the stand!

Also umbrella straws would be cute for the smoothies!

But can you please do a tutorial out of poster board?

You’ve got the wheels turning in my mind!

It is so nice to have a great alternative to buying an expensive piece. Sometimes it is fun to craft it yourself!!!

Me and my dad are going to try and find time to make this together!

Makes it easier to justify the high price tag for a product that will surely last through her childhood should retain decent resale value as well. So sad when she opened the box the stand was cracked & wood split.

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Diy American Girl Doll Lea'S Fruit Stand Foam Board

I made American Girl Doll Lea's Fruit Stand out of Foam Board. This foam board doll craft is fun and easy to make.

We mad this ...

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