Conventional R 047 on off switch for R 618 double - isolating track Supplied with connecting wires

Hornby R047 Lever OnOff, Color: Green

Item Weight27 g
Product Dimensions12.2 x 9 x 0.6 cm
Age recommended by the manufacturer0 months and more
Item model numberR047
Model NumberR047
Distance binaryOO
Brand: Hornby Hobbies

How to: Fix the tilting mechanism on a Hornby Virgin Pendolino


4.0 Stars of 5

Hornby R047 code

by Alberto

The lever is a 0 /1 which allows, together with the binary of Hornby R618 ever and with the proper insulating joints, sectioning to create your route (or isolate sidings).
Comfortable because they have connections ready to use. The wires supplied are not long, however, then we must pay attention to the positioning of the controls. Are therefore the R047 0ttimi for newbies and for the first expansion of its plastic or start set.
Cute design, as well as intuitive to use. Overall, however, are perhaps a little loved ones.
Most experts model can be used with commands cheaper alternatives and doing some soldering under the tracks for contacts.