Bought in various countries over the years. There are 12 different heads, girls, boys.

Doll Collectors Victoria
Packaging a bit worn and damaged but dolls in mint condition. Condition is excellent apart from a single dining room chair with the bar across the back glued on. There is no damage to cane and no rust on frame as it has been restored and repainted. Doll has been displayed only occasionally and with additional coat, so she is in great condition - same as the day she arrived.She would make a great present for someone special or great addition for a doll collector. The craftmanship in the making and the quality of the material used is unbelievable. Welcome to further inspect and their would be no obligation to buy. Mixture of dolls selling as one bulk lot open to negotiations. Some have certificates and may appeal to a collector or someone seeking to provide to their daughter or grand-daughter. The quality of the work is outstanding from the detailed eyelashes and face to the hands, feet and costumes, and even the undergarments.

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★Welcome To My Dollhouse!★

This is the first doll house i've ever made. This house is work in progress when it comes to furnishing. The kit: ...

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