Made with a high quality fully jointed composition body, this doll has the multi-stroke eyebrows, sleep eyes, two-toned lips and tiny porcelain teeth of the better quality dolls from the company. He was certainly capable of running a large business and set out to prove it.

By 1890 he began producing doll heads and within three years, he employed 550 workers. It had a bisque shoulderhead and a leather body. They had glass sleep eyes and an open mouth showing four tiny porcelain teeth. The bodies were of a paper and wood mixture called composition, with lifelike joints at knees, hips, elbows and shoulders.Over the years, the composition ball-jointed bodies were modified to accommodate the changes in dress styles. The painting of the faces varied, depending on the company that ordered the dolls. Sonneberg doll companies that produced high quantities of inexpensive dolls often used heads that were painted with a single-stroke eyebrow, single-toned mouth, cardboard pate with poor quality mohair wigs, inferior bodies with stick legs or cardboard torsos and very cheesy textiles for the clothing. Suffice to say, they photographed well for the catalog. This is unfortunate, for the company also produced some of the finest bisque doll heads and some of the most rarely seen character faces. It all was dependent on the doll company that ultimately assembled and marketed the dolls.

Toronto Toy, Doll & Train Collectors' Show

Toronto Toy, Doll& Train Collectors' Show

The factors that must be considered are the quality of the bisque and the painting, the quality and originality of the body, the condition of the doll and the rarity of the mold. Before you send your doll to a doll hospital, ask for references or pictures of the work this person does. Great harm can be caused to a doll by well-meaning family members or restoration people who do not specialize in dolls. A properly trained doll doctor will perform only the work that is necessary, preserving the integrity of your doll. They will give you a quote prior to starting work and guarantee a time for the work to be completed. At both shows you will find reputable and experienced dealers and doll doctors who can help you with identity, appraisals and restoration advice. The advantage of the two shows is that you have several experts in one place and they will happily confer with each other according to their specialty. In order to get accurate information, you should either bring your doll along to the show with you or be prepared to make an appointment with the dealer/doll doctor for a later date. The author has been buying and selling dolls worldwide for more than thirty years. She is a trained doll doctor and doll costumer.

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