The doll is very cute, the right size for a child her age and very detailed. All the seams that connect the arms and legs to the body are coming apart.

Doll Adora
It is my daughter's favorite baby, and it really is very cute.

I feel that the dolls have not been played with too rough and that they should have lasted a lot longer than just a few short months.

I am very disappointed that the silky fabric of the body has began to rip at the neckline, the stuffing is coming out and the dolls heads are almost off. Guess some of us got dolls made when there was problems with production.The plastic parts are all perfectly fine (the eyes are perfectly fine still!

I think they should also consider making the dolls' clothes out of some different material, as it immediately began to pill and looked old and worn out just a few weeks after we purchased the dolls.

I also can't bear to buy my kids new dolls and have their bodies fall apart within just a few months. Did see reviews that it fell apart but have another adora doll that giggles. Had to tape it and put band aid on telling our daughter baby has a boo boo. Thankfully my daughter is not traumatized by her baby's limbs falling off.

Adora Toddler Time Dolls "The Cat'S Meow" And "Oink" Review!

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I think this company has a great thing going, they just need to change the material they use to make the dolls bodies. Within a year, each of the heads had started falling off. Unfortunately, both dolls' bodies began to fray and tear with a couple of months of regular use. There was no description of the doll, in the ad or on the package, that would lead me to believe it has a fragrance. She's in potty training now, and so is the doll, with a toy potty of its own, which was also a huge success. It's still my daughter's favorite toy of all time!

It ended up quite durable - no ripping anywhere, despite a year's worth of rough toddler love.

I didn’t know that dolls nowadays came perfumed!

I don’t like the smell myself - it is quite strong, and unnecessary. She even seems to like the smell - she sniffs the baby occasionally, and seems pleased. She squeals “baby!” whenever she sees it, carries it around, hugs and kisses it, and puts it to sleep in its bed (shoebox). But she loves babies, both real ones and in pictures, so this realistic baby doll was just what she needed. Just a bit of a shadow on top of the head.

I noticed a lot of questions on these dolls asking about skin color.

I was hoping for a darker brown, given the eyes, but it’s really light. The head is molded to look like there’s a bit of hair and it’s painted, but it’s not too bad. The “hair” on the baby is a disappointing yellowish brown. The picture makes it look like a more balanced, yellower beige. It’s still within the range of “white”, with a pinkish hue, which was disappointing.

I wouldn’t call the baby’s skin “light brown” like the title says. A baby bottle is included with each doll. They have cuddly, silky-smooth bodies with bean-bag weighted bottoms for lifelike sitting. Playtime babiers have lifelike features created in an exclusive gentle touch vinyl. So, go ahead, let your child drag the machine washable dolls through the mud and be assured you can pop it in the washing machine and it will be good as new.

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Adora toys are thoughtfully crafted to give parents peace of mind. The washable baby doll comes wearing a removable onesie sleeper outfit, a cozy baby blue hat and a baby bottle that fits perfectly in his mouth. The baby doll toy also has realistic brown eyes that open and close, a sweet, handmade face and a fresh baby powder scent. The weighted bean bag “bottom” means the 13” doll can sit up alongside your little one, and the size is perfect for little hands. This little play doll is ready to work it out with her fashion forward soft brown velour two piece workout ensemble!

A matching hat with two puppy ears and a white jersey top complete the ensemble!

This bright and fun floral small umbrella stroller is perfect for mini mommies on the go!

When they’re ready for nurturing and realistic play, this baby doll toy can even suck his thumb!

Additionally, he has lifelike beautiful brown eyes that open and close, a sweet, handmade face and a fresh baby powder scent. He comes complete with a removable onesie sleep outfit, a cozy baby blue hat and a baby bottle, perfect for inspiring creative, imaginative and nurturing playtime!

He’s a realistic doll that can sit up alongside your little one, thanks to the weighted bean bag 'bottom', plus he has lifelike brown eyes that open and close and a beautiful handmade face.

Doll Adora

Our products contain fewer allergens, substances and particles that irritate allergy sufferers and cause them to have a reaction. The focus is on creating age-appropriate dolls for every child. The company creates dolls for a wide age range, from infants to 6 years and older. This precise level of detail makes them vivid playmates for imaginative children. A doll may display a look of surprise or curiosity, for example. The company is known for crafting lifelike dolls with detailed and varied expressions. It is all about engaging children in the joys of playtime. In my opinion, this makes for a more realistic looking baby doll and my daughter gets comments about how real she looks all the time.

Collectible Dolls Middleton Drake and More In Pigeon Forge TN Order Securely Online

I also bought a cute girl doll but she is exactly the same.

I think the babble baby has a more proportionate head to body size ratio considering infants and toddlers have larger heads. She loves her baby it looks real and feels real. For over 20 years we’ve been inspiring young minds with award-winning dolls and accessories that kids love and moms approve. He is almost five pounds and wears 0-3 month clothing and newborn shoes. Three stars just because of weight and feel but we decided to return it and spend the money on a more realistic baby. He is still my granddaughter's favorite baby!

If you don't mind paying the higher price, and you have a little girl that really loves and plays with dolls, this is a great one. Each toddler doll has a weighted cloth body and comes complete with a traditional diaper for realistic play to develop social skills while engaging in nurturing, pretend play!

He’s adorably cute and ready to be loved!

A must-have for all little mommies and daddies in training!He also comes complete with a diaper that helps develop social skills while engaging in nurturing playtime. She’s a baby doll toy made of baby powder scented, high quality vinyl and has moveable head, arms and legs. The end result is a beautiful and lifelike doll toy, ready for plenty of fun and nurturing play time!

His beautiful red hair complements his big crystal, blue colored eyes, making him look beautiful, realistic and cuddle-ready. The happy appliqué puppy is delightful on his removable bib. For over 20 years we’ve been inspiring young minds with dolls and accessories that kids love and moms approve.

Brand New Adora Dolls & Paradise Galleries Bottles!

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He has a moveable head, arms and legs, making him seem alive and ready to help your child develop social skills, plus lifelike red hair and big blue eyes. This little critter is in his removable cozy baby blue sleeper and matching night cap scattered with puppies.