I am really looking forward to putting it on my front door.

I don't know what the hold up is but hope it comes to my door soon.

Doll Clothes Holder
Added a beautiful touch to my daughter's room. Having worked in various sales, product development over the course of our career. Through the connections we have made over the years, we are always looking for ways to cut our costs, and in turn lower the price you pay.

We believe that elegance, comfort and style are something everyone should be able to experience.Our items are all hand-painted in the color of your choice. To achieve a finish that looks great and last a long time, we have to let the paint cure in between coats. Depending on the weather and the paint used, this means the process takes several days. To explain, when orders arrive at our shop there is usually about 50 orders in front. It is only fair the oldest orders are given priority. Please keep in mind that all of our items are hand painted to the colors our customers choose.

We do not have the items pre-painted, sitting on a shelf. This can make it difficult to show every item in every color.

We do our best to make sure that the photos of our items accurately reflect the actual item. The differences in screen settings between some monitors and mobile devices, may cause a slight difference in color between what is shown in the listing and the final product. If you need certain color matched, contact us before purchasing so that arrangements can be made to obtain a sample of the color. If an exact match is necessary, you will need to send us the paint you want used. Due to the molding process of cast iron, there may be slight cosmetic defects in the piece.

We try to cull out any that are extreme or severe, however any minor blemishes are considered part of the individuality of the piece. Since all of our items are custom painted in the color of your choice, we do not offer refunds.

We make sure each item listing contains dimensions, measurements and item details that are as accurate as possible. However due to the manufacturing process, there may be slight variations from piece to piece.

We are a small family business, not a large corporation. If we do agree to a return, the buyer is responsible for return shipping. The buyer is responsible for shipping both ways if it is for an exchange. There will be a 30% fee on returned items to cover the cost of stripping the product so it can be repainted and resold.

I have only started to make a garment and it is much easier to not have to work on a doll. It has a very tiny short dowel holding the base on which broke on day two. The base is slightly warped and the body isn't well stuffed. However, the price for what will basically be a toy for a little girl it's a decent buy.

I redrilled both pieces and put a longer, sturdier dowel in and glued it properly. It works just fine to hold up her doll dresses or display them. The wood is unfinished but that doesn't bother me.

I purchased the dress form to help display some of my best pieces at doll shows.

I will likely buy a few more over this month to prepare for the show.

However, it gave me a chance to spray paint the wooden parts before attaching them back.

I hot glued one pedestal back on, but the other was not fixable.

I don't think you could really use them to sew doll clothes - as they break to easily.
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