Her pretty eyes deserve to be framed with some lovely tortoise shell spectacles. Lee loves watching spectacular shows and stunts.

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She loves to dance and practices very hard. She's always happy when she's riding a horse. She loves to make everyone smile, and she brightens up the room when she walks in. She’s talented and passionate about riding horses.She never gives up and is always ready for her next competition. The more talent you learn the more places you will go.

We believe with all our heart that we will achieve our dreams. For best results, it is recommended to use a wire brush. Divide doll's hair into small sections and gently brush them one at a time. Make sure to brush out the tangles starting from the bottom of the hair and then moving up.

New Our Generation Accessories Sets For American Girl Doll Room

While we were looking for Shopkins, we found these Our Generation Accessories sets. They seem perfect for us to decorate our ...

Mist doll's hair lightly with water from a spray bottle if you are having a hard time detangling it. If doll has wavy hair, be very gentle when brushing the ends, as this will help preserve the curls. For tight curls, finger style the doll's hair. Separate a small section of the hair and work your fingers through it, twirling as you go. For braided styles, tightly braiding the doll's hair while damp will help control frizzy ends. Avoid using styling products like gel or mousse, as this may damage the doll's hair. Avoid using a blow dryer, hot rollers, curling or straightening iron. Always keep doll's hair away from extreme heat!

Grab your doll by the hand go exploring the outdoors together. They're easy to clean and maintain and are shipped in eco-friendly packaging. They can be collected, cherished, and also recycled the old fashioned way (by being passed on). Generation is much bigger than an 18" doll. It's about an extraordinary generation of girls growing up, learning, playing, and changing the world together. These products can be mixed and matched interchangeably without noticeable difference. Includes 18-inch poseable doll with blonde hair and blue eyes, 2 complete outfits and fun horse show accessories; 20 items total.

I have seen them in the stores in the past and they look good quality.

I heard of a local store called Mastermind toys in Canada that carries Our Generation items and I knew I had to check it out and ...