This is an online doll clothing store, catalogs are not available. In lieu of a doll trunk, hang doll clothes right in your closet!

Doll Clothes American Girl Inch Dolls
They have hooks on each side to help shirts and dresses with spaghetti straps stay on. These hangers fit 18" doll clothes and are useful for keeping your doll's clothes tucked away in a wardrobe or closet.

We advise measuring any american doll furniture you intend to use these with prior to purchase. They are the perfect size as most of the sweaters are xs-small.The notches along the top edge keep the clothes from falling off and their playroom stays more organized. The hooks on the top of the hanger help to keep dresses from sliding off. The adorable pattern has light pink roses and hearts all over. This doll night gown has long sleeves and a long skirt that is slightly ruffled at the bottom. This cute night gown will be perfect for your 18" doll to have a great night's sleep!

My daughter likes to dress all her dolls up for bedtime.

My Life Doll Clothes Section At Walmart ~ Perfect For American Girl

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We'd love more gowns in the same pattern with different colors and fabrics. Wish they had options like blue, purple, yellow, etc. Each outfit is unique, and saves me from having to go through the tedious process of making them.

I think they will last for many years with normal play. The attention to details and quality on these outfits are unbelievable!

But what keeps me coming back to your site is the cost of your things. It is exceptionally well made an very beautiful. The quality is outstanding and absolutely adorable. The slippers that go with this nightgown are so cute also.

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At A Craft Show Looking At American Girl Doll Clothes With Kennedy (Twin A By Bonnie Brown)

We took Kennedy to a craft show and in this video, we are looking at doll clothes in the Just A Tad 4 Dolls booth. Check out theΒ ...