Who can forget those zany, over-padded handbags or useless belts eked out of the surplus?

I recently had that nightmare with costly mohair velvet.

Doll Clothes Fabric Panels
Stretch pretty fabric, old or new, on a canvas and frame as a work of art. This can set a stunning backdrop for a bed, sofa or entryway, and costs much less than an original work of art. Have fun doing a different print on the reverse so you can change the pillows with your mood swings. Whip up unique book covers or journals for you or your children.I made a prayer book cover for my youngest daughter that she adores because the fabric is sooo beautiful. Your son can make doll clothes too, if he is sew inclined. Upholstery fabric makes delicious aprons and high-end tablecloths.

I entertain for that sophisticated custom panache. If you cannot sew, ask a crafty friend to help. Sell your fabric (especially collectible textiles) online to make money.

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If you have a good amount of fabric, why not cover the walls of a small bathroom or powder room?

A good wallpaper hanger should be able to paste up fabric, as well. Donate the fabric to the art teacher at your child’s school or another school. They really need it for projects and the teacher will be very thankful. A great mother’s day gift is making your own sachet pouches with gorgeous fabric. My mother loves these scented goodies in her lingerie drawers.

You can go to ehow to learn more about how to make a pillow sachet.

You can even sew panels instead of doors to add flair to a walk-in closet or to hide a storage area. Rod pockets are easy to make with a simple hem at the top, or purchase rings that you can clip to the hem. As a rule, they don’t automatically return it to clients. Until you unfurl it to make something cool, keep your extra fabric rolled and sealed to protect it from mold and dirt.

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