The rib has a decorative edging and the outfit is finished with pompom baubles. Perfect for any winter occasion and especially lovely in festive red and white!

Doll Blanket Knitting Pattern Free
The pattern is suitable for boys or girls. When you reach desired length end with 10 row of garter stitch.

I ask her if she could make me a pattern for a baby blanket, with that same stitch. Simple rag dolls in this style have been made for hundreds of years and you can make one in the classic style with hand-stitching or you can save time and use your sewing machine.These fabrics will make a much sturdier doll, but you can also try classic quilting cotton too as it is hard to resist the many prints and colors available. For stuffing you can use polyfill, wool, bamboo, cotton or even cut up fabric scraps. Some people like to partially fill their rag dolls with beans or rice to give a heavier weight, but this is not recommended for children under the age of three or children who are rough on their dolls or you'll have a giant mess later. If you really want to weight your doll you can also sew a little fabric packet filled with rice or beans that you slip inside of the doll, this will give an added layer of no spill protection. However, after seeing the free doll pattern photo instructions below and understanding the process you'll soon realize that you don't even need this pattern!

You can use the free doll pattern above or you can draw your own directly onto your fabric.

This doll blanket pattern is easy to sew for beginners and is sized for 18 inch dolls and toys. Read the article at ...

Make sure your arms and legs aren't too large compared to your body and head or it will be difficult to tuck them inside and sew the outer edges as explained below. Then turn the arms and legs right side out. A pencil or a chopstick can be a handy tool to help with pulling them right side out if you have trouble. Reshape from the outside by rolling the legs or arm tubes between your hands.

You are sewing from the "inside out" and this might be unfamiliar to new sewers, so make sure you are sewing the arms onto the right side of your fabric, with the hands pointing in. Do the same thing with the legs on the bottom, point the feet towards the head and sew the open leg edges to the right side of the fabric.

You can use pins, safety pins or even tape to tape the arms down.

You need to secure them out of the way to sew the top head/dress panel down. Pin the outer edges all the way around except for the very top of the head.

You should have a little body and head packet with the wrong side of the fabric exposed. Sew all around the edge (except for the top of the head) sewing right through the ends of each arm and leg where you've already sewn, where they attach to the body.

You should now have a flat doll with arms and legs securely attached!

If you plan to add hair it doesn't need to be perfect as it will be covered up. For yarn hair in two pigtails, take one piece of your very thick yarn (make sure it is washable) and cut to the length you desire for the hair. Next, cut several same size pieces of yarn. Use thick embroidery floss and make sure to pull tight and sew on very securely.

I usually use several pieces of embroidery floss and sew over the center part a few times to make sure that even if one thread were to break there are others securing the hair on. Next, create pigtails by pulling the yarn hair to the sides of the head and stitch it onto the sides of the head.

You can then either braid the remaining yarn or leave as yarn pigtails. For felt, a more secure method is to sew on using a blanket stitch, although some people simply use glue.

You can easily paint on a face using acrylic paint or fabric paint and if you used a canvas type fabric you can even draw on your face first lightly in pencil. Lastly, you can embroider facial features easily by inserting your needle from the back of the head, just go under the hair and the hair will cover it up in back. Perhaps she needs a little sewn pet kitty or doggy or baby?

You could have a lot of fun customizing your doll.

Crochet Pattern Central

claire baby doll handknit dedoll blanket pattern 1
Last, but not least, give it to a child to love!

She is a new knitter, doing great, and wanted a challenge. End each right side row with a purl stitch and each wrong side row with a knit stitch. Again end each right side row with a purl stitch, each wrong side row with a knit stitch. To cast off, use a crochet hook to latch the free stitches from the end opposite where the yarn is still attached. Repeat cast off on the cast on end, so they’ll match. You’ll notice that my baby blanket has 4 1/2 chart repeats.

You need it looser than a yarn knits stockinette to accommodate the cabling. Rearrange needles per diagram, doubling up stitches where needed and knit a few more rows with waste yarn. If crosses are too tight, you will need to bring up one to two ribber needle(s) into work position per group of cabled stitches one row before crossed row. Drop yarn off ribber needle(s) and return needle(s) to out of work position.

Doll Blanket Knitting Pattern Free

With this added ease, cross stitches per diagram. Pattern 2 for desired length of blanket/shawl. Knit several rows and remove blanket from machine. Starting at end opposite where main yarn is still attached, use a crochet hook or latch tool to latch the last row loops in chain. Draw the main yarn tail through to secure. Repeat this cast off on the cast on end so the two ends are identical.

I doubt the yarn, or even the yarn company, is still around. The 50g ball is 100% acrylic and had 54 yards.

Claire'S Baby and Doll Handknit Designs

I have done 1 using a punch cards provided. Do you have any directions for creating your own punch card. My daughter is in love with this specific yarn. Would you be able to tell be the exact name of this yarn?

Repeat the 18 stitches in the chart until you reach the end and you will have 1 stitch remaining. The last stitch should the same as the line-through box on the pattern (as opposed to the hollow box). That is, number of cast-ons should be a multiple of 18, plus 1. Those of you who need the written out pattern, here’s my effort at that. Make sure you have enough yarn for all 24 rows.

I love the blanket; have a couple of friends who are expecting and would love to make this for them!

I was trying to do the xoxo baby blanket but couldn’t figure it out at all.If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Next feed a matching thread through the middle to split for feet. There are ongoing projects that you can take part in all time. Check out the latest on the website homepage. The comfort dolls are used in the packaging of the medications to keep the bottles from breaking. Once the meds are received the dolls are distributed to the children.

Baby Doll Blanket Puff Stitch

Baby Doll Filet Afghan Free Crochet Pattern:

I am not generally good at crafty type hobbies and am a strictly visual type learner. The purl is treaty and only works with thicker yarn. As for your question about the garter stitch with this project. There is actually more then one version of the garter stitch.

I remember ladies in my church, who have since passed away, knitting these dolls so they have been around for a long time. The great thing about this project is the it gives you a way to use up your scrap yarn. Will be making a video on this project soon. These moms sew to earn money so they can keep their children and feed them.

I hope to make some of your dollies for the orphanges to bring a smile to the childrens faces. This would also be a fun blanket to knit for a toddler’s baby doll or favorite stuffed animal. Repeat rows 8 -11 until blanket measures 39 from the cast on.

You can usually find her working on something or planning her next project. Knott off and weave loose ends back into blanket using a yarn needle.

claire baby doll handknit dedoll blanket pattern 2