Also this is the doll that confuses me the most. She has a closed voice box and an open neck ring, like number 0-32.

Doll Face Rubber Stamps
We know she came with a hard head because of the black dolls, like number 33. So they went back to the closed voice box for a while, but realized an open one talked better, so combined the two?

I would have to find the engineer that created her. The other dolls are consistent with how they were made.I have seen this doll with an open neck ring only once, an odd find, her neck is almost always closed. She can have 2 different back body stamps. She can come with a black, orange or white record. Her record always says 18 different phrases. The 4 dolls below all have a closed voice box and an open neck ring and are the hardest to fix. The only difference in the prototype is there isn't any writing on her back and she has the black paper speaker not the white plastic one.


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This body is the one everyone wants and that is because she is easy to fix and the orange or white record is a much better record than the black one. She can also come with the spring pressed needle and with the black record and same housing that is in the #4. That plastic needle ring and post have a tendency to break off in this #5 body and once it does, you might as well just put the doll aside or put a whole new phonograph in her because it is close to impossible to fix that plastic needle ring. This body is easy to fix if you know what you are doing and a lot of the time a better made doll than the number 5's. Mattel added the 4 ventilation holes to make her talk better they didn't need the duel spring, meaning a spring on the needle and a spring in the speaker.

I have seen her with both hard and soft face pigtails. Mattel went to 18 phases in 1962 along with a better record player. Also with this doll, a lot of the time, will come with a hard head, what that means is... Plus once repaired she will never be a very loud talker.

I call this one a #2 but she is different than all the rest. Record is black and is dated 1961 & say 11 different phrases. Her grill is covered in holes except for the very center. Closed black box that is inside the prototype and number 1, 2 and???

I list them really doesn't matter, what matters is what that grill looks like because the grill will tell you what is inside that body. American made blonde bob head as per the 1998 advertisement video. Mattel was mass-producing the prototype body in 1960.

I would imagine they would want to use up the prototype bodies. Mattel stamp, plus that back stamp would of been right in the plastic mold so it wasn't like they could go back and stamp all of those prototype bodies they would of had left when they decided to stamp the doll. Close-up of what is on this dolls back sometimes. Made 1960/61 as per her dated record inside her body and she has a patent pending on her back. Made 1960-1962 as per her dated records inside her body and her patent number stamp.

I have never seen one of these dolls with a record dated 1962 saying 18 phrases. Please do not get this doll mixed up with the #3 above. Mattel continued making the dolls through 1964.

chatty cathy doll body recorhurry fun faces rubber 1
I did, one time find a #2 doll with a orange record that said 18 phrases inside her body. Notice (above) this body can have 3 of the 5 body stamps. American dolls can come with white limbs, yellow and peach colored limbs. This doll also comes a lot of the time with the really bad white limbs and can have the open right hand a lot. American dolls can come with brown limbs, white, yellow and peach colored limbs. That hand, most of the time came on the #3 doll above but can come on any of the dolls except for the prototype doll below.

I have had them for years and had to cut them down, make snip-its to make them fit. Meaning blondes, brunettes and redheads all had the same record saying 18 phrases. Spanish doll was made her number is 161-202. Blonde with rooted hair that you can brush, it says nothing about it being a brunette. So there is no doubt the very first prototype doll was a blue eyed blonde.

Doll Face Rubber Stamps

Ruth handler says in the video their original idea was to use both blue and brown eyes, (meaning blue eyes for the blondes and brown eyes for the brunettes) and says but when they ran out of one they used the other. So yes a prototype can be blonde or brunette with blue or brown eyes. The two pictures are of dolls with the closed black voice box.

You will also find a black or brown record. Notice (above) this body can have 2 of the 5 body stamps. Because picture (#5 down) is the only one that says. Mattel stuffed animals made in the later years. Available in a variety of themes: each sold separately.

Chatty Cathy Doll Body and Record

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