This is a sweet and durable set to use alone or with other wooden dolls.

We are now able to put all kinds of people into families and to play so many more ways than when we had only one set of "peachy" skin tones.

Doll African
The clothes are on the bodies to stay which is a good thing.

I have a multi-ethnic family in my dollhouse and many of the kids in my very white community remark upon it but with increasingly less surprise. They have lasted a week so far, will update with how they hold up. Very sturdy, they are often beaten up and thrown around by active kids.My preschoolers adore them and will play for hours with it. They're very durable, and work well with different doll houses, plus you can't beat the price.

I purchased this and they work perfectly. Her face style and clothing were also completely different than what is pictured.

I ended up sticking with the original so that she matched the rest of the family. They shipped out another grandmother free of charge however she was very different from the original and her skin color was a completely different shade of brown than the rest of the family.

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I wanted my daughter to have both families to add some diversity to her doll house. She loves them, and they're easy to move around. She could request a private hearing with the school board. Or if you have a story idea we should look into?

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