Cities and nations may last a few millennia, and we think them old, but the truly old are so much older. They were already old when all the nations we know were born, even those now vanished into history.

They may have watched the trilobites come, and go, with eyes older than the stars. Contemplating such immense spans of time is like looking into an abyss, an inducement to vertigo, for they are more than we can grasp. Oh, we can talk about them easily enough, just more big numbers, but we can’t intuit them. It is from this incomprehension that this trope draws its power, when done right, an evocation of incomprehensible age that appeals to our sense of wonder.It doesn’t count if they skip over or sleep through them. Imagine an alien monolith that has been sitting on the moon for three billion years. Think about all it has seen; the slow dance of the continents, the long march of evolution, the sudden flowering of civilization. Geographical features can’t qualify, though.

We do not expect people, or any of their works , to be older than the hills. Geological time scales are usually involved.

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Starscream is so good at the trope he named that he betrayed time!

Although he doesn’t give an exact date, he does drop a mention that he’s been around since ancient times. The youngest-looking of them is over five million years old and has not aged visibly in that time. Buu has actually existed since time immemorial. He states that the silence was peaceful and that the cacophony of life is abhorrent to him. His entire goal is to remove all life from the universe and return to that nothingness. It’s unknown how long they existed like that, assuming time even applies to that state, but they eventually created the entire multiverse of space and time and have been around ever since. And if that doesn’t mean anything to you, then one of them created a physical body to exist in which she is still alive and kicking over twenty thousand years later. The story is just one cycle of their purpose. It triggered the birth of life in the first place. Nekron, the cosmic void’s response to life, is the second oldest being in existence. They were among the first sentient races to evolve, and are several billion years old – as individuals, that is, not just as a species. Each one is stated to be the first living thing ever to experience the emotion of which they are an embodiment. She was venerated as a goddess by two entirely separate human peoples. Timmain spent most of her time as a wolf, but probably still counts. Before that, she was the last of her kind who remembered that they used to breed – which the immortals had given up due to overpopulation of their planet. His power is being completely incapable of dying (or rather, of staying dead ). Lucifer ruled hell for 10 billion years – which means every single angel and lilim is older than this. Perhaps fortunately, perhaps unfortunately, his memory only goes back a very limited time , maybe about a hundred years. Occasionally a catalyst can give him flashes of some long dormant memories, though. For the most part, we are just assured that they’re out there , somewhere. Schroedinger-esque state of being as old as time itself and having only existed for as long as humans believed in them — or put another way, they were already ancient when they came into existence. He began life as a caveman, and became immortal when exposed to a mysterious meteor. The worst this did to him was to cause a bit of muscular atrophy, like astronauts suffer from.

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At some point, the ridiculously advanced society simply lost track of what date it was; they currently tell time by counting the amount of years from the historical events of their own history. Even through all this, though, he still remembers to save a group of astronauts that were lost in time in 1939. Pony fanfiction in general likes to dwell on the princesses’ staggering, incomprehensible age. Sometimes it just makes them willing to be a bit kooky because they have the perspective to know it’ll all blow over in a few decades. Every single time the universe comes to an end, she is forced to re-experience her memories of every single universe that had ever existed up to that point, and then is given a choice: to end the universe for good, or to “try again” and start the universe over from nothing. Or to put it another way, he’s lived through roughly a billion billion universes). In the end, she got bored and created humanity to have some company. He stopped counting at 100, 000 , and roughly estimates he’s about five times that. Depending on which hominid you consider to be human already, her lifespan could be measured in millions of years. She is very nearly ten thousand years old. Individuals are explicitly said to be billions of years old, which means that dwellers are essentially a first-generation society.

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Erek, the one we see most often, casually mentions that he helped build the pyramids, among other things. Rama is actually much newer than it seems, or at least undergoes maintenance fairly often. They don’t generally act it, but they can be very casual in mentioning events that happened centuries previously in ways that other characters find disconcerting. If the gods can be said to have properly existed. He also mentions being around since before humans came out of the caves. Although he never comes out and says it, it is surmised that he is hundreds of thousands of years old. He ultimately lives until the end of the universe as an increasingly powerful post-human but regrets having lost his wife. At the end of the universe he and other galaxy-sized super-beings use the collapse of reality to create new simulations of the universe, letting him outlive his own universe.

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However, the new universe is one in which he makes the opposite choice and doesn’t discover immortality. Earth, which means that he literally spent two billion years surrounded by mud and “slimy things with legs”. He expects to wait for the next universe (golems believe time goes in circles), so he will be able to deliver that one message he couldn’t. As he says about “big green things with teeth”. Anybody who lives in his realm will never die, simply fade away. It quickly becomes apparent that he has some kind of personal knowledge of the past six thousand years of his country’s history. How many millennia have they watched the play of stars and felt the feet of mortals walking upon their backs?

Furthermore, they also inherit the memories of their ancestors, although those memories tend to fade over a large number of generations as they’re spread over a progressively larger number of descendants. The angels that inhabit them are even older. Turtle is essentially a time traveler from the end of the universe where entropy has reached maximum and the underlying fabric of reality begins to break down – meaning he is at least a trillion years old. It’s impossible to say exactly how old, because he was born before vampires had language. A scientist contacts the being and finds out that it is the oldest being in the galaxy and, possibly, the universe. It starts when he’s stuck on a planet from circa 1980 through the end of time. Lovecraft ‘s stories, where the characters find themselves in awe and dread of what primordial secrets they learn about, and usually find at the end that something from those times still lives, or at least exists actively even if they’re not alive in the usual sense. The same applies for whatever it is that lies beyond the titular mountains. He knows the answer to every question but only very brave or very foolish mortals would dare to ask him, for the price of ultimate knowledge is great indeed. Its exact age is unknown, but is estimated to be rougly 19, 000 years.

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The story ends some unspecified (but extremely long) time after the heat death of the universe. Some of them are two billion years old, and they are capable of plans spanning the entire run of human history. Elves don’t grow beards until their third cycle in life, each cycle takes a few millennia. All of them are at least 12, 000 years old. How much older, or even if that has any real meaning to such beings, is never elaborated on. The best they can come up with is that she’s some kind of monster from the void surrounding reality. Their racial history goes back into unknowable distances, until 300, 000 years before the main story, when nearly all those who still survived took part in a necromantic ritual that made them all undead. He was the first son of the goddess that created existence. They’re so old they don’t want to live any more. His memories are interspersed with very recent recollections (less than fifty years at the outside) of his wife, his dog, and his friend, which lends the times when he does remember way back an air of authenticity. Interestingly, their ultimate purpose will not be fulfilled for another three billion years. However, note that history is unreliable in-universe. At one point, the youngest of them looks out over a petrified forest and recalls when it was a collection of seedlings.No matter how far into the future he goes, however, his wife’s illness is never cured. Eventually most of humanity transcends its former species and leaves him in the dust. His body eventually falls apart from all the freezing and thawing and his brain gets uploaded into a computer. They then spend the next 10 billion years building a great attractor to leave this existence.

We have lost the years, lost them in orders of magnitude. It has been fifty thousand years since one died. They’re driven to kill everything they love so that they can lock it in their minds. They have centuries of experience infiltrating and manipulating human culture, and are in fact older than the world itself. He says that he had lived dozens of lifetimes before they were even born. Some men, as they age, grow more cynical.

I am the bones of a foreign species left drying on the plain that was once, long ago, a sea. A curiosity, perhaps a reminder, that all has not always been as it is now. Although never explicitly stated, it is implied that the being had existed since very near the beginning of the universe. She habitually calls any vampire under 1000 years old a child. They’ve seen the heat death of the universe, and the first written words of all time were written to them. They’ve lived much more than characters who have lived much longer. While merely long-lived as individuals, the sheer scope of their civilisation’s history is staggering.

We learn during the course of the series that they are “the oldest civilisation”, have had “ten million years of absolute power”, and “a billion years of history”. No, the ship isn’t hidden in the core; it is the actual, original core , around which the planet formed.

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Doctor and sets off to have her own adventures in space and time, during which she will truly have no equals. How they have managed to date something that is older than matter itself is unclear. He may actually be much older than that as he claims to not really remember the time before he took his first head, which was about 5, 000 years ago. His ancientness is somehow even more disorienting because he seems like such a normal guy. And of course, being around thousands of years ago doesn’t mean you are only that old. Zordon, the original mentor, is especially portrayed as being just so ancient he knows everything you could possibly need to know. A lot of aliens in the series are extremely long lived. In his few appearances he has explained several times that he will persist throughout eternity, and is the only thing that could truly never die. Castiel (one of the less important angels) remembers when the first fish crawled its way onto land. At what point does an author exist in his book’s – his universe’s – internal timeline?

Brahma will live to be a hundred years old, except that a single day in his life is over four billion human years. If we get into the years the number goes into astronomical proportions longer than the predicated life span of the universe. Depending on religion and whether any given denomination thereof believes in and/or counts the afterlife a person’s spirit may live as long as the respective deity would, given a belief in a spirit’s eternal qualities. They have about ten age categories, from wyrmling to great wyrm, which takes over a thousand years. Then they’re just about fully grown and live a few more thousand years before old age starts to set in. They keep their lairs in places unimaginably distant in space and time, and rarely bother to even interact with gods. Since they can live indefinitely, it is possible that there are ones still alive that were around before the creation of the current universe (and yes, their race really is that old). Such beings are immortal unless they are killed (which rarely happens, given how powerful they are) and some can trace their roots back eons, some to a time before mortals existed. The main feature of the game are artifacts from earlier periods, collectively called numenera, which are based on technology that is like magic to the contemporary people, whose knowledge of history reaches back only for the last thousand years. Given how far in the setting’s past the civilizations responsible for the technology rose and fell, the titular numenera can be anywhere from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of years, many likely predating the formation of the setting’s single supercontinent. More specifically, the intelligent octopi who live in the oceans are an extremely ancient species, old enough to have seen at least some of the great ancient civilizations rise, flourish and either die out or leave. This is part of the reason they do not interact much with other species — from their perspective, none ever last long enough for any meaningful interaction to occur. This also applies to individual octopi; they managed to make themselves ageless long in the past, and many octopi are thus very old indeed; their current queen, for instance, is over a million years old. It’s conceivable, if improbable, that a mummy might have been active for the majority of that time as well. They aren’t so much vampires as they are undead gods by the time of the modern age, and they can do truly mindbending things with their power. Nahiri was technically in suspended animation for most of her life she was conscious the entire time and constantly tormented by the legions demons sealed inside with her.Chakravartin is at least as old as the universe, and it is implied that this isn’t the first he’s created. There’s no telling how long it spent on its birth planet or how long it drifted through space before landing on ours. To him, time probably doesn’t have much meaning. Their interplay in the great “void” of pre-creation led to creation itself. Perhaps fittingly, he governs over time itself. Old enough to conduct biology experiments on a macroevolutionary timescale. Somehow, they are several times older than this universe. Forerunners as a race usually live to be thousands of years old, thanks to the incredibly useful armor every one of them wears. In fact, their highly advanced interstellar civilization itself managed to thrive for over ten million years. He lives to the end, but chooses to stay. It isn’t clear if the ones met in the game had personally been around the whole time or not since they use intentionally vague terms. He says that even he doesn’t know how old he is anymore.

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He has been around for millennia but has only the scraps he can recover during the game to prove it. Heatran might also be extremely ancient, as it was apparently born from lava that pooled at around the same time that the earth was first formed. It is for this reason that its existence went into legend as it hardly ever left the sky. His innate purpose, apparently, is to destroy all ‘unworthy’ aspects of creation (and he doesn’t seem fussed about collateral damage), which would make him as old as existence itself. Her age is most likely measured in millions of years. So are some dragons and various godlike entities. Many night elves are as well, but many of them sleep through it, and the others don’t have the gravitas you’d expect. In either case, the buildings are tends of thousands of years old at the very least, possibly several million years old. Nozdormu, however, lords over all of time. It’s been trying to repair itself ever since, and created the people of the world to serve as spare parts. Xenosaga is a bit over 5000 years into the future. This split, that also caused both of them to become slavemasters and genocidal (respectively), happened over 20000 years ago. Born in the first breath of creation, he roamed the vast nothingness, seeking to fill a canvas of incalculable breadth with marvels whose twinkling spectra brought him considerable delight and pride. In other worlds, she’s lived through three consecutive reboots of the universe – which could put her age well into the billions. By the time of the comic, he is quite mad (in every sense of the word). She has wandered the earth ever since its creation. She claims that she isn’t even alive, and even she doesn’t know what she is. Oh, my people have been down there for much longer than that. I was just talking about me , personally. Yes, she’s old (and lonely) enough that she was willing to wait for animals to achieve sentience just so she would have someone to talk to.It has been stated that it was conquered and civilized 5000 years ago, though. They are literally trillions of years old. They’re so static that the ability to change- even to gain a lifespan- is considered a holy grail for many of them. Hindu estimations, thirty kalpa is 130 billion years. The gods have been improving their craft with each iteration. And the number of gravestones are numerous enough to blot out the sky. Justified, since he is frozen in a block of ice.She and her family may have created the dinosaurs. Megalania has been alive for millions of years. Megalanias are a prehistoric species, after all. Her father’s skeleton is on display in a natural history museum. Gaia is simply starting to show her true age. Considering that a century-long sleep is “a little nap” for her, he might have told the truth, though.

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They witness the (exponential) rise of mankind and its sudden fall. This could all very well have been a delusion, but it’s never made clear. A sentient tree that existed before time began and will continue to exist after it ends. While she herself is likely older than that, the fact that raising the sun is her special talent and that ponies discover these around puberty implies that she is not much older than that figure. Every detail that was never written, totally unknown or thought of as only legend, the princesses alone can explain because they were there. Dragons in general have extremely long life expectancies, enough so that century-long hibernations qualify as naps for them. He’s described as knowing every tactic used in every battle in every war in history because he was there personally. But unlike the others, he also retains the memories of his past lives. Stars” implies he’s either older than the physical universe , or at least old enough to have learned what was there before the universe came to be. At the very least, it would make him more than seventy times older than our universe , which is about 14 billion years old. Cosmo’s mother is still alive and well and doesn’t appear to be past middle age. If we say that’s 300 (as that’s the lowest number a person would likely call “several” hundred) that it’d put him at 1, 050, 000 years old, at least. Gene sequences exist in every one of our cells that have remained unchanged since the earliest common ancestor to all life. It changes over time, and obviously is composed of different individual molecules, but in a very real sense that first amoeba is still alive and wriggling two billion-odd years later.

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Many species of plants and microorganisms have extremely long or unlimited lifespans; possibly the most famous example is the bristlecone pine tree, individual specimens of which are presently alive in spite of having sprouted nearly five millennia ago. The immortal jellyfish is another example, using a kind of reverse aging. The oldest known non-clonal organism is a bristlecone pine which was dendrochronologically dated in 2013 to be 5, 067 years old. To give an idea, the ice age ended around 10, 000 years ago. According to one theory, they are ultimately stable, that is, live absolutely forever. Radioactive material, while not lasting forever, can last an incredibly long time. By the time a kilogram block of uranium-238 ceases to exist, the universe may as well have ended. Of course, radioactive material by definition doesn’t last anywhere near as long as it would were it not radioactive.