It’s easy to use this convertible car seat because the 10-position headrest makes it easy to give your growing child a proper fit for optimal safety and can be easily adjusted with one hand!

Graco car seats are a trusted industry standard.

Doll Car Seat Graco
As they grow, the 2 integrated cup holders keep your child’s drinks and snacks close at hand, even as a booster seat!

Graco has gone the extra mile to keep your child safe and you feeling secure. Steel-reinforced frame provides strength and durability for years of smart utility. Installing a baby car seat has never been easier!The easy-to-read level indicator helps you find the right position for accurate installation and optimum safety, giving you a safe and secure feeling. Forward-facing toddler car seat from 20 to 65 pounds. Booster seats in high back belt-positioning mode from 30 to 100 pounds. Booster seats in backless belt-positioning mode from 40 to 120 pounds. It's the only convertible car seat that truly goes from infant car seat to booster seat!

I could tighten the latch straps so the seat was not going anywhere.

I had to recline the seat any further, perhaps for a baby baby, it would have to go behind the passenger seat and no one would be able to ride in the passenger seat so far up 🙂 but those are small car problems. The extend to fit allowed for more of a recline without affecting the front seat room. One of the back anchor straps were somehow threaded through the internal metal frame of the seat.

I ended up cutting it off and sewing it back together. It is really great for getting my son in and out. The head rest stopped going up, and the nobbes to move it up and down broke so we got a refund and bought a graco!

Installing it in my truck wasn’t as easy but the little level on the side made it easier to know it was level on the seat. It seems like it’s a lot more cozy and comfortable for my son also.

We wish we had this seat for my older daughter too. When my little one takes a nap in the car, it is nice to prop it back and let her rest comfortably. Her head doesn't hang and she doesn't get that awful neck pain that my other daughter does.

Graco Double Stroller For Dolls

Graco Double Stroller For Dolls.

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