Since cakes are perishable in nature, we attempt delivery of your order only once. This product is hand delivered and will not be delivered along with courier products.

Please allow it to come to room temperature before serving/eating. The cake should be placed back in the fridge and should be consumed within 48 hours.

We do not guarantee on time delivery for the orders made before less than 4 hours. And my daughter is happy with the gift also.I always factor the doll into the price of the cake.

You can find the “generic” barbie dolls for cheap.

I would ask the client what price range they would want to stay in for the doll. They understand and most of them want their child to have the full sized doll after the party so everyone is happy. Can you guys tell me how much you expense on 1 kg doll cake?

I decided to make her a doll cake … with a twist … the doll is crafted from gum paste.

Birthday Cake Price

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I give my customers an option of either providing me with the doll they want me to use or paying for the doll they wish to have on the cake.

cakes cake price birthday cake price

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