Pero a partir de la segunda temporada su personaje atrae mucho más la atención. Most likely, she has it only in fairy tale world.

Eros, so he probably named her after them. Cupid is just one day older if they have the same teenage age or birth year. Eros, the greek primordial god of procreation. Cupid doll that looks different from the one in stores.He was the driving force behind the generation of new life in the cosmos. In the specials she has brown eyebrows but in the webisodes, dolls and artwork, they are pink. Despite this, she’d rather work through the science of love in her radio booth and therefore keeps her bow locked away. It is however unknown how she got hold of this powers considering she wasn’t born to a love related household, as far as she knows. Eros was the primordial god (protogenos) of procreation who emerged self-formed at the dawn of creation. She wears pink lipstick on the center of her lips to make her mouth appear heart-shaped.

Cupid’s wings are made to look like a rib cage with a visible spine disguised as a necklace. She has short wavy pink hair, which is fashioned to make it look like she has a halo, and aqua blue eyes. Cupid is carefree and joyful as love should be, but also stern and professional as a relationship sometimes needs to survive. To this day, she does not know her biological roots or the reasons she was left at the doorsteps, but her dedication to her role as messenger of love distracts her from those uncertainties.