It only came with one diaper which was full in about an hour. You're supposed to press a button on the belly to make it go to the bathroom.

The problem is when she feeds it a bottle it leaks everywhere. Good size to weat premie clothes and she loves that she wets her diaper and can change it. Making the food to the consistency needed was a challenge and not much was in the instructions, but she was a hit nonetheless. It is very user friendly and is everything she hoped it would be.Everytime she comes over to our home, which is frequently, she has her and all her accessories to take care of her. All items are in perfect condition, just the box does not look good, especially if you are planning to give it as a gift. But it did not save the box from damage during shipping. It can drink water, it can cry real tears, it can wet the diper and pee on a potty. It was shipped in the original box that was wrapped around with thin carton and on top of that wraped in plastic.

Play With Barbie Girl And Baby Doll Babysitter Toys!


Playing Baby Born Doll Bath Time With Girl Toys!?

Play with Barbie Doll as a baby sitter for cute little baby dolls. Marry Poppins comes to help Barbie GIrl as the perfect nanny.

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