Kidcraft & the other brands: the floor-space is narrow & shallow (not big & wide enough to accomodate furniture & accessories other than those included in the packaging for that brand). Amazon, you will find the furniture kits, & they are an awesome bang for the buck also!

Doll Barbie Wallpaper

I am posting 3 photos (you can scroll through the posted photos, only the 1st 2 photos will be visible unless you scroll left-to-right); the 3rd photo is a panoramic. But the part that is done so far is so cute.

I like the color scheme: white, pink and purple. The pieces missing are: bathtub, one of the two armchairs and one of the short white posts.I called their toll free telephone number and left a message about still needing the purple bathtub. Bathtub received along with a letter of apology for the inconvenience.

I can recommend this toy and the company. However, it's hard to put together when it comes missing parts. No way to look up progress on the replacement or timeline on when it is expected to get resolved. There is no clear choice when you call to get to someone, you have to leave a message or go back to their website.

Really disappointed and frustrated so far with this. It is huge but light so she can move it out from the wall during playtime and back when she is finished. She and her friends can both play with this because it is a two sided house with rooms on both sides. My only slight annoyance is if we want to change the floor plan it will be a very large pain. Awesome price and shipping but ships in its box so just hope it arrives while the kids are at school. Main colors are blue, pink, purple, and white. Comes with wallpaper stickers to decorate the different rooms in the house. Turn right side out and stuff with fiberfill or potpourri.

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