In it you will find over 700 doll related terms defined for you. In addition, historical facts about dolls and the people who made them will help you identify and date your dolls.

Doll Collecting Books
Terminology and brief summaries of every kind of doll produced have been included. This would be an excellent reference book for those just beginning their doll collections, as well as for those who are thinking about selling some of their dolls. If you are a doll enthusiast, you need this excellent reference guide. Definitions are well written and explained for the novice collector and detailed enough for the most die-hard doll fan.If you have any questions about dolls, collect dolls or just wanting to get started in collecting dolls then this book is a must read. The author went into great detail to make collecting understandable, and to be impartial on each brand of doll. The book presents wide ranging information that will surely become a must for anyone interested in dolls. The book is arranged in an easy to use format that allows the reader to quickly find information. In conclusion, this book is a must for anyone interested in collecting and/or wanting to identify dolls that have been in their family for many years. Most words are well known to advanced collectors.
These are all of the doll collector books and identification guides that I currently have.

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