Actually the 9 year old can probably make them herself, but not the 3 year old!

My daughter (who has the beanie baby collection) has totally immersed herself and my granddaughters in this fad.

I send a photo of mu granddaoughter in her dress?

Such a cute idea – never thought about making them. Sew across to keep the stuff in the pillow part. Stuff stuffing into the top part of the sleeping bag to make a pillow.Press well after turning and make sure the opening is pressed with the open edges inside. Sew around the sleeping bag, leaving a 1″ opening on the flap side (on the left in the photo below). Fuse interfacing to the back of 1 of the fabrics.

I like to put two pieces of fabric face together and then use the pattern piece to cut them out. These are tiny little sleeping bags so you only need a piece of fabric. These sleeping bags fit 1 regular doll or 2 little dolls sharing!

You’ll get clues, stickers, and then shoes, clothes and accessories before finding the doll in the middle!

As you unwrap the ball, layers reveal different characteristics of the doll. The sleeping bag has a pillow built in that you stuff up. This post has a free pattern for this doll sleeping bag. Finger-style your doll’s hair for best results. Tenney’s unique hand positioning helps her hold her guitar, banjo, and pick!

bobo doll experiment book doll book bag click the link to make this craft today!

by request: have fun making a doll book bag in any size you want check ...

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