Finally got one here for my own library at a much better price than new. A lot of the techniques are very advanced, but this is a wonderful learning tool for experienced cloth doll makers.

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I love making portrait dolls and have checked this book out... Line drawings show how legs, for instance, can be made to suggest the true complex form. This is not the place for mere patterns but for a choice of resources presented to the reader, open to the needs of both beginners and experts. Your male reviewer has made no dolls yet but has enjoyed this book as a peerless museum guide, as a user's manual of the inventive hand and mind, and as a parable of science.Well laid out, clear and creative it will be a great learning and reference aid in my soft sculpture development. This book also suggests ways to achieve results incorporating other tools, techniques and hobby items that will stretch the abilities. Neither will old skills be as before limited. It is a history of doll making in general and doll sculpture in specific. There are web sites that do not handle the material nearly as well. The author takes the reader through a brief history and then examples of several kinds of dolls from primitive effigy to complex sculptural creations that are breathtakingly beautiful.

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She addresses the basic construction styles of each of several kinds of dolls. This is an enjoyable thoroughly entertaining introduction to doll making in its various forms. It's worth buying just for the pictures of beautiful art dolls. The pages of instructions give you very basic information of a huge variety of doll making techniques. No particular section has overly in depth instructions, but are more of a starting point to trying new ideas. How would you write an anatomy textbook for so complex an art?

Another artist has built a colloquy between two life-size half-figures seated at a table covered with real books on the arts. They face each other against a painted, glowering sky, as each points a stylish finger at the other. Her book shows in color the diverse work of 100 and more contemporary artist-dollmakers. Like any sensible philosopher, she delays defining a doll for quite a few pages. Everyone will marvel at the unbounded creativity reflected in these remarkable figures. There is enough practical information on all aspects of basic techniques to help the novice dollmaker, and even experts will discover an abundance of new ideas. Any pattern pullouts have been separated and presented as single pages. If the pullout patterns are missing, please contact c&t publishing. This book is printed individually on uncoated (non-glossy) paper with the best quality printers available. The information presented in this version is the same as the latest edition. Subsequent experiments in which children were exposed to such violence on videotape yielded similar results, with nearly 90 percent of the children in the aggressive behaviour groups later modeling the adults’ behaviour by attacking the doll in the same fashion and 40 percent of the those children exhibiting the same behaviour after eight months. After 10 minutes had elapsed, the behaviour models in both groups left the room.

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