American doll here lately my gifts to her for good grades are outfits for her doll. My daughter loves this outfit and is completely satisfied.

Doll Blouse
These clothes cost the same amount of money as the kid's clothes do, or more!

I gave this as a birthday gift to my grand daughter who lives 11 hours away. The jeans construction is so poor that the seams did not catch the stitch when they sewed them in several places, so the pocket is frayed and the material is also frayed down the side of the leg and have holes there. They do not fit well like in the picture.They are wide, stovepipe shaped jeans with very poor construction. Even the jeans had faded areas on the legs where a real pair of jeans would be faded with wear!

It has beautiful embroidered on the top and jeans.

I packed it all in a cute backpack with a rainbow fish book. Fits the doll perfectly and the quality of this outfit is right up there with them!

She can be casual and comfortable without sacrificing style.

Golu Doll Saree And Blouse Making

In this video can learn bow to make saree and blouse for doll in simple and easy method.

blouse golu doll saree and bl

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