There are many commercial costumes available at the local stores, however between the cost, and lack of imagination, and the fact you end up with a half dozen kids all looking the same at a party. Below is some basic ideas for you to play with.

All are cheap, easy, and allow for tons of imagination. Decorate by using either fabric paint, or markers.

You may also stuff the extra space in clothing with tissue. However this could be messy, if you need to make a “pit-stop”.Gals bright loud dress, flats, big sun hat, straw bag. Don’t forget to have a camera, and maps hanging out, and that look of being lost. Guys can use a tourist bag, (like you get from travel agents, and gals can use the straw bag for their treats. Gray the hair, with any of the commercial temporary colors, or dust with a little flour. Hair in buns, thoung slippers, and a kimono.

You can also spray your hair straight up in the air.

Barbie Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Barbie Box Costume Trinaduhra

Barbie Halloween Makeup Tutorial – Barbie In A Box Halloween Costume DIY I think this is my best Halloween costume to date!

Fashion a seat belt out of webbing and an old buckle and pin in place. (or go to a junk yard as ask for an old seatbelt). Gather your twigs and secure with wire to make a nest. Place your bird on the twigs and secure into place with the wire. Simple cut the poster board into a large oval, make random marks like a turtle shell, and paint. Make floppy ears and bobby pin to hair over your ears. Make ears from construction paper, attach to head band or bobby pin in to hair. Either sew, or staple to keep stuffing from falling out. Staple black elastic pieces (in a loop) onto the board to make arm holes. For the antenna atatch craft pipe cleaners with black pom poms on the ends to a headband.

I sprayed the hat to look like snow and added a cheap red bird from the craft store.

I bought a white mask and bought a cheap carrot from the craft store and glued it onto the nose part of the mask.

I glued the pompoms on his sweatshirt and that was it. Cut two leg holes in the bottom of the bag and two arm holes near the middle. Have your child stand in the bag and fill with blown up balloons. Discard the center and innards of the umbrella. If you are fancy you can sew the edges of the umbrella to the back of the body. If you don’t have the time or patients to sew the umbrella you can always safety pin it. Use a piece of poster board and paint wanted color cut them out in an appropriate wing shape. Get a green body suit and some green tights and on your head wear a beanie hat. Glue fake flowers to the beanie hat and maybe pin a few on your body suit. Also it’s fun if you paint some flowers on your face and arms. Cut out light pink felt into what looks like prairiedog ears. Place the dark pink felt inside in in the same shape except smaller. Glue onto the sides of the hood on the sweatcoat.

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With the remaining felt, cut out a piece of “headfur”. Put on and paint your face pink with a black nose. It was a great costume and completely free. Tights and a turtleneck if you will be in a warm building. Paint it red, tack on some paper plate wheels, and you are a race car. Paint it white and a handle and you will be a cool refrigerator. Paint it light tan, tack a small flat box. Attach a belt from a robe to each side and harness over shoulders. To make the key ring cut several large keys out of poster board, attach one to the back and another to the front. Attach a medal ring to a hat, then attach a few more keys to the ring. Attaching long flat boxes on the front and hot glue small balls on the front for pulls.

Doll Box Costume

Simply wear a cape of a royal color (velvet looks great).

You may wish to go with the formal look wearing a tux, or the casual look by dressing to match the doll. For gift box, wrap box in wrapping paper, make a large bow and wear as hat. Clown make-up will add that little extra. This can be real cool costume for high tech power chairs and or using a vent. Separate the recipe into different cups, add food coloring. Apply a thin coat of cold cream to the entire face. Using a cotton ball, gently pat cornstarch over cold cream. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, check out these other sites.

Barbie Box Fort Costume!!

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