Most contact we receive is regarding doll customisations. The bars slide in to the seat cushion but aren’t very long so it comes off easily.

He has also sat his 35-lb body in it a few times, as little kiddos tend to do, and it’s held up well!

She is four years old, mid-range in height, and this stroller is perfect for her baby dolls and her. Amazon is selling such poor quality products!!!

Very easy to push, and is suitable for varying sizes of dolls.My 1 year old is not rough with and only uses one doll baby in it!

We chose the most loved colors on our customers, our children. It will also easily fold and unfold, so when is not in use, it will not take up space in your home. It has a fold-able hood, seat belt, and basket in the bottom. There are some individual differences due to the product is handmade.

You can choose any hair style from our wig selections.

Doesn’t come when you choose implant option. For such cases, fixed eyeballs are available as well. By adding the eye movement option, you can adjust the line of sight to your liking. Please enjoy the delicate difference of the facial expression. The silicon in the bust is made especially softer compared to other silicon body parts.

How To Make A Doll Size Picture Frame Free Tutorial For American Girl Dolls

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