Find the latest looks for dolls and girls!

The same shoes as mom, the same dress as their best friend, the same pajamas as their doll… all are realized with a squeal of delight.

Doll Me Matching Clothes
It makes them feel cool, like they are included in the special club of girls who wear pink flip flops. Though they are immensely popular with the under-5 crowd, matching doll and me clothes can be difficult to track down. They are heavy enough to feel substantial and real to them, but light enough to drag along everywhere by the hand. They nestle into little arms comfortably, and they don’t weigh down mom’s tote when the toddler loses interest in carrying her baby mid shopping trip.The plush body makes the baby comfortable to sleep with at night, while the plastic arms legs and head give stability. The eyelids that open and close, depending on whether the baby is sitting upright or lying down, will seem creepy to mom and dad but will delight little girls. The best part of these dolls, though, is the corresponding clothing line. The matching doll and me clothes are available in many styles, from pajamas to frilly dresses to play clothes. They fit both baby dolls and girls comfortably and the fabric is a good quality with strong seams to hold up well to both washing and play time. The look of delight when your daughter happily changes into her pajamas and then changes baby into her jammies at bedtime?

Doll play encourages children to explore different roles from caring for and sharing hopes and dreams.

We are looking forward to establishing relationships with both domestic and overseas customers in the future. By air transport, usually, 3-4 days to arrive. By sea transp ort, usually, 15-30 days to arrive.

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Here is a quick review of the Dollie and Me Clothing Line for girls and 18 inch dolls.