We can keep our opinion in front of more number of people and if you want to contribute to the society, this pageant is one of the best option. My experience during the competition was the most exciting and motivating part of my life.

Doll Beauty Pageant
It became a big part of my life for those months. Frozen girls didn't plan to go horse riding and are surprised to see a horse at their breakfast table the next morning!

Anna hurts her tooth and might have to get it pulled out?

Anna can't wait to eat the birthday cake but can she wait till everyone arrives?She lays them in a line on the carpet and looks at them proudly. But it is hard not to notice as she talks that her eyelids are powdered with gold eyeshadow. Her hair has been styled with two sparkly hairclips and she is wearing a pale pink dress studded with fabric flowers. Did she enjoy entering the beauty pageant?

Today, more than 20 are held each year with thousands of girls (and sometimes even boys) taking part. Many of the contestants are as young as five and one pageant excludes anyone over the age of 12.

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Entering a pageant is thus a time-consuming and costly process, involving entrance fees of up to £200. She did not win, although she makes it clear she thinks this was an oversight on the part of the judges. Isn't it expensive entering these contests on a tight household budget?

She's been acting and dancing from the age of three. In 2009, a poll of 3, 000 teenage girls showed that more than a quarter would spend their money on their looks rather than their studies, while one in five had considered plastic surgery. What they begin to do is look older, they acquire these veneers. They look assertive, they look confident, but how deep does that really go if it's built on such an ephemeral notion?

Does she believe that such contests could encourage paedophilia?

It is an example that does much to challenge the beauty pageant stereotype of pushy parents and spoilt, doll-like children with glassy-eyed stares professing their fervent desire for world peace. Olive (bespectacled and slightly chubby) to revel in her own individuality. Bonnie, who had never been to one before, was shocked to find other mothers "pulling and pushing their kids' hair" and plastering make-up on to their faces. When you're a child, you're supposed to enjoy your childhood and have fun.

I don't think it's really for me," she continues. She tortures me about dying her hair and that's an absolute no. With the powerful impulse towards celebrity culture, the parental impulse becomes unrestrained. It's relational decision-making rather than a strong-willed child making decisions totally on their own. These pageants are not for children to entertain other children. What one sees here is adult fantasies fuelling this thing. America it's seen as a white trailer-trash kind of thing and there's real contempt for that. Hakim, before suggesting that those possessing this elusive quality could expect to earn 10-15% more than those without it. Each one has its own specific compartment in the pink rucksack so that she knows exactly where to find it. She hands me a tiny, smooth, toffee-brown pebble.

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