Patch notes in second post of the thread. The scale tool loves to glitch and make everything a weird and extremely small size when they spawn.

Crowbars, which are made for opening boxes, are virtually useless in doing just that. Even trying to break them with a fire axe will end up with both the object and the fireaxe breaking as it fianlly sucseeds. Fixed tripwire flipping, and rays duplicating on cut. There most likely will be toggleable health bars at some point that should elaborate on this.Healing with the medkit, blood bag or syringe simply restores missing health. Bodyparts with no health might disintegrate on hard hits. Each bodypart has a separate health pool, and it can only bleed as long as it has health left. The chainsaw stops actively cutting when broken, but the chain is still marked as “sharp”, so it may cause bleeding.

I feel that not everything has to be incredibly useful, there is a shoe and a stuffed trout in the game after all. Bullet positioning is wrong on multiple guns at the moment, and requires somewhat of a rework.

The positioning was fine but it was drawing in the wrong spot. It would be really nice if all beam emitting objects would stop working whne the beam emiter is destroyed instead of replicating the beam. Also their firey explosion is pretty small in relation to their size and the effort taken into lighting them. They can’t even always survive a 1 foot drop. Like squares to pistols and breakable to buttons.

You have to set the molotov on fire before it can spread fire, otherwise it just breaks. The effects layer should be properly positioned now. And it would be nice if it didn’t create more lasers if broken. Also: tripwires can not be flipped properly. Also molotovs and desintegrators don’t work. Also it looks like it is put on slightly off on the table. Yeah, the camera isn’t quite fully functional yet so you’re locked to the room for now. If you mean to have a more stable aim while dragging the weapon you can use “speed damp” and “spin damp”.

I know it’s a bit boring but it’s there for a reason and really helps with all this stuff. The tutorial shows you how to use all the tools. Oh, and thanks for making me forget about maths homework. For example, when an explosive is triggered, it will explode, and firearms will shoot. However, certain site features may suddenly stop working and leave you with a severely degraded experience.