A pretty ponytail and hiking boots complete the fashionable look!

Her hat and shoes and bag are held in by clear bands so not easy to lose unless you take them off.

Doll Barbie Girl
This us by far one if my favorite barbies as well as my daughters. This is a great gift for any current or new girl scout in your life. This was a gift for my daughter who just joined. Maybe the pink barbie pants are girl scout khaki but who cares!Barbie's necklace features a camera lens that shoots from her point of view. Barbie's controls allow up to 25 minutes of recording at a time.

You can scroll through your clips and delete what you don't want to use. Barbie's playback mode doesn't include audio, but you'll be able to see and hear the clips when you transfer them to your computer. Barbie comes out of the box in denim jeans, a trendy print hoodie with shimmery pink fabric, and matching pink ankle boots.

You can hold her while you're recording, or use her jointed knees, elbows, and hands to pose and point her toward your film set.

Play Barbie Girl And Baby Doll Grocery Shopping With Supermarket Toys!

Barbie girl and her baby doll Chelsea grocery shopping with supermarket toys play food and pretend supermarket toys...

The software comes preloaded with soundtrack music that fits most any genre--from romance and action, to comedy and drama. The software is intuitive and easy to use, but younger children may need help learning the tools. After your child is done editing her film, she can save the file and share it with her friends. The video is grainy, can't really see or hear on the video. She thought it would be cool interactive fun but it really isn't a worth while concept.

I actually use it more than my girl does. It has a small video screen on her back and a tiny camera as part of her belly that looks like part of her shirt. So anyway, she sits on my desk and she is my secret spy toy. Cute and stealthy, but expensive for what it is.

You will need a teeny screwdriver and lots of batteries. My girl runs through at least one set a day if she uses it more than an hour at a time.