Mamy dla was kilka propozycji, które na pewno zachwycą wasze pociechy i sprawią, że obiad zostanie zjedzony z apetytem.

We take pride in our dolls and dress them in their best!

Doll Fashionistas
I do find some of these pictures cute and adorable, but that is not what this group is about. If it's too too cute, then it don't belong here. When submitting pictures, please make sure the dolls are in their best fashions!

Along with more overall diversity, we proudly add three new body types to our line.Choose from gorgeous friends wearing fabulous fashions that are right on trend and fit their individual styles and personalities perfectly. With an amazing pair of shoes and the perfect bag, each sensational look is complete. Collect them all for even more fun and possibilities. Mix and match the pieces to put your own spin on fashion and find your style (sold separately). Fashionistas doll wears an adorable light pink top with white... Fashionistas doll wears a stylish pink and black animal print t...

Unbox Daily All New Barbie Fashionistas | New Fashion | New Hair | New Dolls

by request: Today on UnboxDaily we've got ALL NEW Barbie Fashionistas!

New Hair, New Fashion, and New Dolls!

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Surprise Presents !

Barbie Fashionistas Doll Haul Cookie Swirl C Video

Giant Haul of Barbie Dolls!!!


Each present has a mystery Fashionistas that come in all different sizes, shapes, and styles ...

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