Operetta sports a fiercely fashionable new outfit incorporating details and accessories that celebrate her unique personality and style. She charms from crown to toe in a spellbinding dress with fitted red bodice, pink peplum, and a quilted cropped jacket.

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Special details make this outfit irresistible — sheer black tights and golden detailing on her puff-sleeve jacket and knee-length skirt. She also comes with a bookmark that tells her story — and encourages girls to write their own!

Her apple red bodice is topped off with a gold, quilted cropped jacket. Her bejeweled apple-shaped purse and juicy red heels with bow straps complete her look as the fairest of them all.During a particularly busy week shipping may take an extra day. If multiple items are won please wait for a combined invoice before paying. There is no need to request one we do it automatically, this will cut down on messages we have to handle. But the doll herself was a total disappointment. She didn't come with her ring or earrings, the story she came with was not the bookmark one as pictured. But it turns out she and her little sister have played with this doll (along with their other barbies) more than ever lately.

Ever After High Doll Collection Tour Sons And Daughters Of Famous Fairy Tale Characters

Ever After High Doll Collection Tour - In today's collection video I am showing you all my Ever After High dolls!

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She came with all of her accessories, and parts, and she did look quite nice. Also, her hair is curled instead of wavy.

I really wanted to get her the core group of girls in the shows.

I find that in the stores they have all kinds of variations of the dolls, but not the original main ones. She stores the collection of them on top of her dresser and takes them down to play with them. Love that they all come with stands so that she can do this. It makes me smile that they make her so happy.

We have had it a couple of years now and she still will take it down to play with it sometimes, but really my daughter just puts her dolls up for display and her room and just likes to look at them.

I really think that this one is an awesome doll for her collection.

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