We guarantee a smile on your daughters face!

Want to present your daughter with something magical this holiday season?

We guarantee that this set will put a smile on her face!

We set out to create toys that will last. Our goal is to keep both parents and kids happy with engaging toys that spark creativity and imagination.

We are always trying out new innovative ways to keep costs down, and pass on those savings to you, the consumer.Doll clothes are typically very cheaply made and packaged. The clothes look sturdy enough to handle many dressing and re-dressing!

The attention to detail that they paid to these makes them a worthy purchase. My daughter instantly had them do a fashion show.

I read all the reviews and decided to buy it. The clothes and accessories are very well made.
American Girl dolls and guinea pigs.

The outfits were in a variety of styles and my grandgirls loved them!

The pink bag would be a great way to transport clothes and accessories on a trip or a visit to a friend's house. The youngest, five years old, had inherited the doll from her 3 older sisters. The clothes were beautiful, ( very good quality also), and accessories were great. If you care about an unloved doll, go to you tube, rejuvenate her hair, and buy this clothing line. Bloom is dressed in her favorite rock concert fashion.

I think it was one of her favorite gifts. Bought this on discount and for the price it was well worth it. It comes with the stage and the doll with accessories. She got this for christmas and plays with it daily. The curtain falls off easily, and the turning pedestals don't work well.

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I just got this great 28 piece set of 18 inch doll clothes and accessories from Doll Club of America. This is an awesome set of ...