There is also a front pocket to keep her smaller items and other doll accessories. This doll backpack has black and white straps that easily fit around your doll's shoulders.

The top has a matching black and white loop so that you can hang it up on a hook. Your 18" doll can use this backpack for so many things!

I was a little worried about the quality, that it might fall apart quickly, but she always seriously over-stuffs it and so far the seams and zipper have held. She uses it to put an extra outfit for the doll in the big pocket when traveling and puts hair things in the small front pocket.They jam things in them and the seams and zippers have held up fantastic!

I didn't realize what was going on until the strap was 1/3 of the way unraveled. My daughter loves putting her dolls school stuff in here. Great for the little girl who loves to play school!

barbie case doll